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All Reviews by Flash Rednuam
 from 10 Man Cum Slam #17
Studio: Kick Ass

Great Gals Sad Guys

this is a "no-nonsense" porno that delivers exactly what it purports to be--10 men giving a sperm "special" to three different attractive,very willing and well-endowed fact, the film more than fulfills the promise of ten with a couple of bonuses--an 11th thrown in for good measure plus the added treat of frequent replays of the "moments of truth" when the semen spurts spontaneously into open mouths. also i appreciated the opportunity to review these moments in a follow-up feature. the rather scruffy assemblage of male actors, about as unattractive and seedy as i've ever seen, was a slight distraction though fortunately the camera focused more on their fornicating faucets than on their foul looking faces. and that's what was important. the middle gal's chomping on a wad of gum in between sucking and swallowing a wad of cum did not show much enthusiasm (or "class")for her otherwise faultless fellatio--she did her deed, bringing them to climax and devouring the results. i gave it 4 stars and i would recommend it for anyone who enjoys straightforward old-fashioned non-distracting blow jobs with plenty of cum hint--dirty old men would appreciate an occasional crotch shot of pussy during the lengthy not-much-happening mid-suck time.