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All Reviews by Feeture
 from Barefoot Confidential #5
Studio: Kick Ass

Rather Ordinary

There are better movies in this series but this entry is acceptable. The women are rather ordinary and nothing unusual is presented in the story lines. Also the concentration on the women's feet is not as strong as in the really good entries in this series. The lighting and closeups are fine but the women are just not that exciting.

 from Barefoot Confidential #15
Studio: Kick Ass

Could Have Been Better

While the first segment was nicely written and acted, the next two were just ordinary in terms of the women's looks and the actions. Most of this series is better done. It was especially annoying that there was a greenish tinge to any areas in shadow, made women unappealing.

 from Barefoot Confidential #14
Studio: Kick Ass

Solid Tape

A solid example of why this series has been successful with foot enthusiasts. But nothing special in this outing. The stocking scene was disappointing as the woman wore toeless hose and they were ripped up, so she may as well have been bare. Also, the cast seemed somewhat bored and some the sex action dragged. All in all, one of the weaker entries in this usually excellent series.

 from Barefoot Confidential #13
Studio: Kick Ass

Fun Feet

This series is usually good and this one does not fail to meet that criterion. Very nice young women who all seem to enjoy the attention paid to their feet. I enjoyed that there are actually little stories to go with each woman's segment. Perhaps some would like to see more footjobs but I found the balance with foot worship to be just fine. It was nice that the guys are presented as fairly polite and normal despite their interest in feet.

 from Barefoot Confidential #16
Studio: Kick Ass

Not The Best In Series

Contains the usual segments involving feet and sex but nothing out of the oridnary. First segment is the best but guy playing the role of a senator could be anyone so they didn't need to bother creating a role. The other segments feature average women in average situations for this type of movie.

 from Barefoot Confidential #17
Studio: Kick Ass

Excellent Scenarios

This is an example of the series at its best. The first and third scenarios are outstanding, with very attractive women and lots of great shots of their feet. The stories fit into my foot fantasies nicely. The second scenario is also a nice fantasy and the woman has a nice attitude but is not that attractive. The last scenario has a pretty woman but the storyline is unimaginative. Still a great foot fetish video.

 from Memoirs Of A Foot Fetishist
Studio: Big Top

Viv Thomas Always Great

Very nice job by Thomas as director in depicting what we are to believe are real-life experiences he had enjoying feet and legs as part of sex. The women are beautiful and have nice bodies, not only nice feet and legs. It is nice that women in stockings are included as well as barefoot women. And the scenes are thorough and well-lit.