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All Reviews by Excitable Boy
 from White Lightning
Studio: VCA

Me Love It Long Time

It's hard to believe a porn movie can have a plot, good acting (relatively speaking) hot girls and a good mix of sex scenarios but White Lighting has it all. A romping good time.

 from Aria
Studio: Studio A

Nice Boobies

this movie has a lot going for it; beautiful talent (aria giovanni has a luscious body) and artful style that definitely distinguishes it from most porn out there. in fact i don't think the term "porn" is fitting. this is erotica. that said, the movie excels at establishing mood but falls slightly short in taking the interaction to the next level or changing up the rhythm between scenes. the one exception is the second scene where “vince voyeur” (the only male actor in the movie) and one of the ladies really have a go at it. the original musical score is a nice change from the norm too but again it starts to get a bit thin by the end. overall, definitely worth renting.

 from Rain Coater's Point Of View #1
Studio: Red Light District

Eh : |

The gimmick is straight forward enough; like some video games you assume the position (so to speak) of the camera to get the impression that YOU are on the giving / receiving end of hot monkey love. While the participants’ performances are honest the action is unvaried and overly draw out (not in a good way) sometimes. Overall you could do worse, then again you could do better.

 from Fashionistas (Disc 1)
Studio: Evil Angel

Ouch, Yum

Excellent all around. Like all porn the acting acts as filler between scenes but action is oh so good even if you're bad - which you are. Aren't you? The performances are genuinely charged and the talent is hot. Dress it up with some tight latex outfits and one giant ass-fucking dildo and ohhhh yeah.

 from 1 In The Pink 1 In The Stink #2
Studio: Red Light District

Double Penetration And Crooked Teeth

i don't know what that other guy was talking about; even if you like double penetration the movie was pretty boring and repetitious with 5 identical scenes just mixing up players. the guys were somewhat freaky; one hissed and grunted the whole time like a psycho while the other was so skinny he looked like he just got out of a prisoner of war camp. the only redeeming quality was two gales from the uk who had teeth like austin powers and the libido to match. best quote, "don't fuck me like your grandmother." other than that there was one eastern block chick (with crooked teeth) that took it up the ass and generally loved (or so it appeared).