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All Reviews by Eslabestia
 from Thigh High Thrills
Studio: Wicked

Like Any Other Compilation

An okay comp of different flicks but not really that long, like other in the same category. The sequences were shortenned to make them suitable for the length of this dvd and i dont know why since there are longer compilations... It is good for a lonely weekend but really forgettable...

 from Euroglam #4
Studio: Ninn Worx


honestly, what a waste of good looking girls... they have great pussies but all the edits, the stupid music and posh intros leave you with only 3 minutes of shots to inspire you to jerk off... and i need at least 30 good minutes to good hand... sorry, but no...

 from Your Mom #1
Studio: American Hardcore

Boring And Bad Acting

i never believed they were moms... dull! and the sex sequences were stupid... never got a hard-on

 from Daddy's Worst Nightmare #1
Studio: Hush Hush

Fun And Good Acting

basic yet funny -and the girls deserve an award for their good acting! sexy, of course...

 from Game
Studio: Digital Sin

Dull Game

Honestly, i yawned the entire movie... you can wait and wait to see if something is gonna trigger your libid, but nope. There is no game here. Too complex, too artsy, too yadayadayada. No good sex. Not even cold fucking. Nothing. Rent something else.

 from Gothsend #2
Studio: DVSX

Real Gothies

You will appreciate the fact that the girls fucking are real gothies. Pale natural bodies, good tits and boney asses. There is a chubby darky girl, but she fucks as hell as the others. The only problem is the obscure lighting to match the theme -therefore you will miss some details but overall, it is freaky good rounds of bj´s-doggy-horsey-anal-cumshots...

 from Amateur Angels #5
Studio: Adam & Eve

Boring Angels

i yawned and i yawned while forwarding the entire movie... the girls were minus okay, the action was dull and the entire thing was shot really unprofessionally... a total rip-off... no need to rent this crap or anything related with the same crowd of pornographers...

 from South Beach Sex Frenzy
Studio: UrgeXotica

Rip Off!!! Stay Away!!!

I live in SoBe and these guys got the ugliest skanks and a guy with a dalmatian cock?!!! Besides, two of the longest-stupidest sequences are boring blow jobs (one to the director of this crap) and one of the guys couldn´t get a hard on... What a waste of HD tape to do this shit.

 from Colors
Studio: Vivid

Naomi Rulz

Naomi is one of the best porn stars. She blows great, she does anal without blinking and she has a great body. The rest of the sequences were fine, but she is the one giving you a good time. It is well shot, also -and the idea of the colors, interesting.

 from Apple Bottomz #3
Studio: Zero Tolerance


Honestly, the only reason to rent this dvd is to see Naomi in action. Even though she is not at her best, at least she has a tight body, she performs to the camera and has a great neat ass... The other girls, were just chubby and even one has acne on her back cheeks...