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All Reviews by El Supremo
 from Watch Me Cum #2
Studio: Digital Sin

To coin a phrase, "Now that's what I'm talking about..." Assembled herein are six completely gorgeous and totally libidinous creatures who could not have been more generous and forth-coming with their sexuality. There's the incomparable Penny Flame who speaks directly - and constantly - to you about all manner of sexual stuff - and the "from another planet gorgeous" Jessie Jewels (who, evidently, was not in the adult-video business all that long) and four other totally fabulous women who all deliver the most incredible sessions of self-pleasuring you could possibly imagine. This is a reeeely good femme-solo production. The 5-stars are earned by Penny and Jessie - if there were six-stars available, the other girls would have pushed the bar up even higher. The director DAVID LORD - did a fine-fine-super-fine job with this project - it would have been hard for anyone to have made it any better.

 from As Real As It Gets #2
Studio: Old Pueblo

Actually Gritty

From the looks of it, everyone in this video is quite serious about sex - which is a good thing - they're sending out "in it to win it" vibes as they get into some obviously enjoyable sexy stuff. Evidently, the producer, "Uncle Lanny" is located in Arizona or something - and not in Southern California, home of the great "Me-Too" club of porno producers. So, the approach is a little different here - and they tend to get the most from the roster of obvious newcomers and amateurs. On beyond a little "Get to know ya.." chit-chat, there's not much else besides wall-to-wall sex in this video.

 from Sweet & Petite #1
Studio: Anabolic

Petite? YES Sweet? Mebbe

This was a somewhat harsh series of scenes - lots of DP - lots of dominant posturing by the guys - not especially pretty girls - but sexy, anyway. If you like losts DP done doggie-style - this is the one for you. Located inbetween genuine amateur and 'Vivid-glossy', there's nothing really special about this DVD - but it's porno, for sure. Mebbe this DVD is for you - but some of the other Sweet/Petetie titles are seemingly/potentially more entertaining.

 from I Can't Believe I'm Doing This
Studio: New Sensations

The Girls ALL love Mark Ashley

Here are several incredibly grateful women who all succumb to the charms of Mark Ashley as their co-star. According to several "Behind The Scenes" segments seen on other DVDs - MArk Ashley has got something going on with the way he does lick and the shape and size of his stick - seriously - the girls seem to all report that "Mark is the best!" All I can say is he appears to still have it - or be doing it - or whatever - because the girls were all especially energetic - smiling - squeeling - and whatever it is they do - when attended by Mr, Ashley. Like they say, "There's nothing more exciting than an excited woman" - so you should find this to be a very good DVD.

 from Make Me Creamy #3
Studio: Vouyer

Phoned In Performances - Contrived Concept

As a person who is not all that hard to please - aim my face at small bright shiny objects and I fall into a trance - I gotta say this was not one of my favorites. The girls and guys phoned in performances - there's little to no heat - if the creampie theme is your turn-on, maybe there's something here for you. The RedLightDistrict people usually make good videos - however, in my opinion, this was not one of their stellar efforts.

 from Addicted To Pussy
Studio: Adam & Eve

Stylized & Glossy

This is one of the genre of productions which tries to take the high road with processed imagery, lots of make-up, something akin to a story to underpin the sex and fashion mag photography techniques. Still - there's lots of heat and everybody is easy on the eyes. Although the total effect is somewhat artificial, the Adam & Eve folks are know nfor overall good quality and value - this title fills that bill, as well.

 from Handjob Addiction #2
Studio: X-Worx

Very Interesting Girl/Guy Dynamics

This DVD tries VERY hard to be all about handjobs as given by a girl to a guy. It does not always succeed in that the girl's privates are, in a couple of cases, used as 'the hand' - which is not exactly what was promised - but is also not exactly a disappointment. One might get the impression that more than one of these girls has never given a handjob to a guy - again, which is not exactly a disappointment. You have to give the creator of the video some well-deserved credit for not being overly hurried about anything. Some of the scenes go on for what seems like a LONG TIME - where the guy does not get off - the girl does not give up or get tired - and not all that much is going on except there's a guy getting a hand job from a girl - again, this is not a disappointment. This was a pretty good DVD, assuming there's an interest in seeing a girl give a guy a handjob. Maybe the best you can say is that it is not a rank amateur effort with lousy lighting and audio - AND it's not an over-the-top glossy professional effort with actors that are all phoning-it-in where they put a star filter and vaseline on the camera lens. Another thing you could say is that "It's different" - and that's not a disappointment, either.

 from Naturals, The #2: Silicone Free Zone
Studio: Bad Seed

Synthetically Natural

Once again, somebody has decided that a slick, stylized, glossy, perfunctory look at sex would be a cool thing to do. The breasts of the women all appear to be quite natural - which is what they're advertising- and everything takes place in rich, lush interiors. The total effect is 'positions off of a checklist' - but it was probably a great day for their still photographer. Well - if that's what you'd like to see - this is a fantastic example. If not, then you'll probably want to keep looking - only elsewhere. The girls in the frame are all good looking - but there's really no 'heat' - it feels like it's one of those "OK - since we're all here earning the rent, let's get to it" situations. Bottom line: This is not to say it's BAD - it just could have been so much better.

 from Watch Me Cum #4
Studio: Digital Sin

Limited In Scope - But Nice In View

There are a couple of things that come to bear in this title that bely the 'me-too' approach of so many people who generate adult material. 1) There's a progression of ever-larger 'toys' to the point of... well there is no-point. 2) The camera angle is often WAY too low so that all you see is a couple of giant inner thighs and the otherwise indistinguishable vaginal orifice of a beautiful woman - only we don't get to see too much of her - because of the low camera angle. Why hire beautiful women if you can't SEE them? It would be great to be in a dark alley with ANY of these ladies - they're all very attractive - the sets are lavish - the lighting and audio is good - there's PLENTY of sexual action - even if it's sometimes like there's a conspiracy between model and photographer to 'just get through this'. THREEE STARS sez it all - GOOD - not GREAT...

 from Nice Rack #15 (Disc 1)
Studio: Anabolic

Looming for "Not Friendly"? - you found it!

Nobody is smiling with their eyes in this production. The director's have chosen a somewhat harsh approach to the physical encounters. There's no violence, per se, but there's no discernible fun or sense of enjoyment to be found, either. This is one of those efforts where it appears women have been offered (and accepted) money to go into a room and let guys 'do stuff' to them. The girls are quite attractive, there's plenty of sexual activity, there's nothing inherently bad happening - but the net result is rather non-sexy. HOWEVER, you know what YOU like - maybe this is it - but it did not suit my taste. Sorry...

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