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All Reviews by El Supremo
 from Jerk Off Material #6
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

More Mike John's Merriment

Mike John is a kookamonga - funny guy - but adult-X pro - his stuff is always well done - full of energy, good looking girls and is otherwise technically well put-together. Some of the models seem more 'professional' than might be desired, but the net result is always fresh and compelling.

 from Good Vibrations
Studio: New Sensations

New Look To Adult Fare

This is my first five star rating - ever. The guys who created this video are obviously VERY much advanced over the typical people who create such work. the cameras are not your regular video gear - the script, the acting, everything shows the touch of professionals who are not of the typical "me, too" crowd which, so often, appear to have no idea what they're doing except to hit the record button when there are naked women in the room. This is DIFFERENT - it's BETTER - please... let's see more of the same from these people.

 from ATK Galleria #15: My Dirty Blond
Studio: ATKingdom

A Good Time Is Had By All

The girls in this video are almost all having a bunch of fun - they're (pretty much) all quite obviously amateurs - there's solo / girl-girl / girl-guy sex for, like, three hours and the people who actually shot the video are very good at what they do - an important point because so many videos are ruined by people who have no idea how to shoot porn. There are very few real 'porn stars' - these days it's just a whole lot of people who have decided they would like to be in a porno - most of whom will never be seen again. But this is not a complaint! The whole idea of being a 'porn star' has extended even farther into the mainstream of our culture. It would appear that many girls are interested in testing their sexual boundaries and find the whole experience to be less about the money for the session and more about the thrill of adventure and the knowledge that many many people will be finding their own pleasure watching them do so. Philosophical musings aside, there are several scenes - starting with the first one - which make this a most enjoyable title.

 from Self Service Sex #4
Studio: Sex Line Sinema

Very Nice Compilation

This is a re-packaged compilation of several VERY nice scenes from various previously released titles. The girls are, for the most part, professional actresses who know how to do that voo-doo that they do - so well. If you like Femme-Solo - this is a quality effort - even if you've seen some of them - you've probably not seen all of them - together like this.

 from ATK Good Vibrations
Studio: ATKingdom

...She's Givin Me Ex-cite-tations

Here again - another raft of non-stars delivering stellar performances as actual humans doin' what comes natcherly. The ATK people put together this three hour paean to self-stimulation - and, as ever, it's full of women you will never meet - most of whom you will also never see again in any other video - women who do THE most incredible things on behalf of finding their self-satisfaction. The wonderfully casual attitudes of the participants makes for a very believable and enjoyable visit.

 from Watch Me Play
Studio: Abigail Productions

Definitely Different

Well - ya gotta hand it to the folks who cooked this up - it is SO NOT your typical adult feature. They tend to crank up the color saturation and contrast - but it doesn't ruin things - and the VERY-ARTSY-FARTSY treatment to the locations and models is also quite different.

 from Cum For Me!
Studio: Digital Sin

Rather Intense - and good

There's a bunch of good lookin women and guys who have a rather ferocious (but non-violent) go at each other - some of the girls appear insatiable for ever more orgasms. All in all - lots of hot action - and very expressive and active libidos having what appears to be (almost) too much fun.

 from Tryouts (4 Hours)
Studio: Anabolic

Fresh Poon For Four Hours!

Ostensibly, the premise for this title is that all of the people appearing are doing so as part of a 'Tryout' to see if they qualify for being in such an adult production. Nice 'try out' - as most of the people you'll see are people who you've seen before - but that doesn't mean it's not all done very well and that all of the people who you see would have passed muster for being accepted to appear in such a title. Anyway it's FOUR HOURS of unrelenting hot-n-heavy action. Forget the title - just enjoy the girls and guys doin' their thing. Not a bad deal, at all.

 from Pure 18 #18
Studio: Reality Kings

Another GREAT 'Pure 18' production

Here's another in the PURE 18 series which, once again, has really good looking people, action, lighting, audio, atmosphere, attitude and pace. PLUS - it all goes on for over THREE HOURS! The guys who made this truly know what they're doing.

 from Home Made Masturbation #9
Studio: Home Made Media

Homely-Maidens Masturbation

The main appeal for this title may be that the girls in it are 'SO NOT PRO MODELS' - than that it is 'home-made'. What is DOES have going for it is that everyone is certainly 'enthusiastic' and it does not appear anyone is 'acting' - and the video and sound is professionally acquired. If you're looking for a video that could be named, "Girls I passed by in the mall - who later showed up and jacked-off for me", then this is a great choice. Once again - as per Mark Twain - "There's no accounting for human taste" - if you're looking for glitz and gloss - this ain't it - if you're looking for real women doing their real-thing - you may just like this one.

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