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All Reviews by El Supremo
 from 100% Pure Amateur #7
Studio: Platinum Media

Pure Amateur - Plus !

You never quite know what to expect with titles that claim, "100% Pure Amateur" because sometimes that means "...including the camera person" - which often means "where the net result is completely unviewable junk". That is NOT the case here - the people are obviously amateurs - but the camera person has at least attended one community college course on lighting and sound. The net result is VERY viewable - and refreshingly unrehearsed and candid footage of some rather good looking people doing all sorts of sexy stuff. The DVDs coming from the 'Platinum Media' people keep getting better. and this is a good one, too.

 from Casting Couch Cuties #37
Studio: DreamGirls

"Cuties" means "Cuties"

...but not necessarily sexy. These are quite obviously amateurs who appear in all of the DreamGirl productions. If you're familiar with the line of work from this outfit located inTampa, Florida, they are "Sexy-Light" from start to finish. There's lots of talk, the interviewer is VERY GOOD at making the girls feel at-ease and yet also asks lots of provocative questions - but ultimately, this is very tame stuff. Maybe that's your taste - so long as you know that it's the complete other end of the scale from what you'd get in a Max-Hardcore title. Overall, everything is well produced - but you get the feeling that nobody ever 'lets loose' in the Dreamgirl series. Oh well... it's still good.

 from Self Service Sex #2
Studio: Sex Line Sinema

Visuals Great - Audio Is A Mystery

Totally weird - the girls are beautiful - the sound is something from the top 10 on the planet Muni-Mula. I dunno whether this was an error or there was a deliberate attempt to "try something new" - but, for me, it missed whatever was the intended mark and was a complete distraction. Seriously - the girls LOOK FABULOUS - but the sound is a strange electronic mashup of noise and toodle-fweeps and cat-on-a-keyboard random nonsense. Maybe the producers wanted to see if anyone watched their videos with the sound on. I do not believe the DVD was a singularly defective unit - but SOMETHING oddball is going on. Nevertheless - the visuals - the girls - were great.

 from Baby I Wanna Cum For You
Studio: Acid Rain

Lotsa Girls - Lotsa Good Scenes

There are a bunch of incredibly good looking women here - some of them are obviously professionals - some are (rather good looking) new comers who may or may not have decided to pursue a career - some, like Hailey Paige, are as gorgeous, as ever. Anyway- it's all femme-solo action and LOTS of it. This is a compilation of many individual segments probably taped over an extended period and then assembled into this title - OK, fine - it's STILL good!

 from All By Myself #4
Studio: Elegant Angel

Slick Sexy And To The Point

Thank goodness - NO PLOT! Great looking girls - lots of energetic sex - exactly as advertised - all femme-solo - very nice location - good photography and good sound - a professional production, for sure - but still has that glint of amateur sex and everyone appears to be having a good time.

 from Naughty Newbies (Disc 2)
Studio: Loaded Digital

BTS - and not much more

The expectation was that there's be a bunch of scenes on this second half of the NAUGHTY NEWBIES title - but all of the 'real' material is on disc 1. The marketing wonks are evil! This disc is a DVD full of possibly interesting materials and 'other stuff' but no scenes. There's a big "Behind The Scenes" segment - which also may be interesting enough on its own - but that's about it.

 from Natural & Hairy #33
Studio: ATKingdom

Bottom of the ATK Barrel

Even the bottom of the ATK barrel is better than MANY such adult video offerings - but this title is the least appealing of any ATK DVD I've come across. It's not 'awful' - it's just not as good as they normally produce. This looks like a compilation of the 'out-takes' from many such tapings of people where the personality or the physical characteristics or the energy-level or any of some kind of criteria were just 'not up to snuff'. Sad to report the girls in this DVD were often not all that attractive - or inherently interesting. Heretofore, the ATK people were seemingly batting 1000 - but this title puts something of a dent in their stats.

 from Kick Ass Chicks #82: Solos
Studio: Kick Ass

Femme-Solos With Foot Focus

The KICKASS people have got a great director / scene-creator in "FLOWERS". It's obvious that this is more of his excellent work. This series of femme-solo scenes features various different devices - fingers / sybian / dildos / and so on used by the girls to get-off. This is a no-nonsense visitation to the subject with lots of emphasis on observing (or at least including in the shot) the model's feet. The girls were obviously enthusiastic and attractive - proving, once again, the KICKASS people know how to kick-ass!

 from Home Made Masturbation #8
Studio: Home Made Media

Good Material

The girls they found for this video were, maybe, not complete amateurs - but there's none of the typical glossy, poseur stuff you find in some such productions. There's lots of believable, pretty hot stuff happening and the girls are all special in their own way. Not to damn with faint praise - but this is 'good - not 'great' - but good.

 from Hairy Teen Pussy #3
Studio: White Ghetto

No Nonsense + Hot Girls = Good Deal

The folks who made this have - it would seem - a favorite shot which is seen in most, if not all, the segments. The guy enjoys fellatio while the girl reclines with legs akimbo - while the very patient camera holds on the shot - all in all, it works. The girls seem to all come from that sweet spot between pro and amateur - combined with real enthusiasm and naturally good looks.

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