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All Reviews by El Supremo
 from Stroke Suck And Tease #9
Studio: Sticky Video

Well Done Niche Appeal

Well DARN - Exactly like the title said, "Stroke Suck and Tease" - that's what they're up to in this video. The girls display lots of charm, looks, and tease. I think one of the girls actually succumbs to her own game and ends up getting it good from the guy. If you are not all that big a fan of 'tease' = then this may be less than satisfying. However, this is not a bad title - and the girls are often VERY funny with their comments. It's playful and imaginative in many ways that other, more hardcore, titles are not.

 from First Time Auditions #11
Studio: Reality Kings

Reality Kings Rule - AGAIN!

There's a new guy from Italy - well I haven't seen him before, anyway - who is especially adept at thrilling the ladies. They LUV this guy - which doesn't really mean anything except, in the course of making this DVD, everybody had LOTS of fun and there's even MORE sex. The girls are into it - they're fresh faces - there's LOTS of action - it's all put together very well - if you're looking for a definition of PGP (Pretty Good Porn) these guys and this series absolutely fill the bill.

 from Cum Dripping Moms #9
Studio: White Ghetto

Substandard Fare

This title is a compilation of some what appears to be ill and otherwise battle-weary prostitutes who are not simply older, they have been through 'the mill'. There's no fun, nobody is smiling nor do they appear to be enjoying themselves. The guys are overweight and they and several of the same models appear in several scenes. There's not much to like about this effort - I do not recommend it to anyone who might take just a little time more and locate something that might actually be enjoyable. Sorry - this is one of the least appealing DVDs I've seen in a LONG time.

 from Barely Legal: All By Myself #6
Studio: Hustler

Sleazy - But GOOD Sleaze

Good looking girls - a couple you'll recognize - a couple you won't - each of the segments start off with some saucy talk and then it's 'down to business' with one lovely lady after another finding her own extreme personal pleasure. Yes - this is one of those not-especially-remarkable DVDs from the San Fernando valley and the Hustler porn machine - but they do a credible job and consistently create quite enjoyable material. For sure, you could do alot worse - if you like femme-solo, you will definitely like this.

 from Soccer Moms Revealed #15
Studio: Platinum Media

Soccer or Suck-er Moms?

Now here's a true testament to that advertising slogan, "You're not getting older - you're getting BETTER!" Here's a batch of ladies who, for the most part, are just like women you'd pass in the supermarket - but YEOW! - can they deliver a great B-J! Plus there's some pretty realistic phonesex and a couple of obviously real couples. Maybe the best part of this DVD is the BONUS scene featuring a charming lady with a fantastic body and an even better attitude. LUV - I say L-U-V that enthusiasm! Now I have to sign up to receive volumes 1 thru 14 - this is a good series - very amateur - sometimes gonzo - always quite real.

 from Muff-Alicious (5 Hours)
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Old, Tired, Dark, Lifeless

This appears to be a compilation of some very old and tired VHS footage that was transferred to DVD. Compared to what people have been producing in the past ten years, this is far below the standards of people, production, and entertainment value you would expect. This title cannot be recommended in that it is such a rank amateur effort. Watching this, one gets the feeling that the people who created it used the guise of 'creating a porno' - simply to provide a chance for them to have sex with various people. There's so much more that's so much better than "Muff-Alicious" - just keep moving and pass this one by.

 from ATK Galleria #11: Blonde Bombshells
Studio: ATKingdom

Blondes YES - Bombshells - SORT OF

Lexi Belle is probably worth the entire price of admission into this world. Her scene is first - and foremost - of them all. There are a couple of solo scenes - a couple of 'paint by numbers' sex scenes - a couple of euro-girls - a couple of pros and a couple of amateurs to round it all out. The ATK people always do a great job of presenting ALOT of runtime in their videos and you can pretty much count on a great portion of it being pretty good stuff - which describes this title, as well.

 from Pussy Play #8
Studio: Demolition

Femme-Solo Front-To-Back

This is an all female JO title that features some recognizable names/faces, a significant mix of cultural influences, is not overly long - but pretty much quickly gets to the point and is filled with some serious action. This looks like it was assembled from the short self-love segments that might have been recorded before the main event in various other features. There are names like Rebecca Linares, Harmony, and Sasha Grey - as well as what appear to be a number of one-time-wonders. In the realm of comparative efforts, this is not the best - but is still worth a viewing if the femme-solo genre holds one's interest.

 from Brand New Faces #23
Studio: Vivid

They All Just Phoned It In

The folks with the VIVID brand name - and proud sponsor of some of the most gorgeous women ever to be seen in this parallel universe - were not paying attention to this effort. By all indications, "Brand New Faces #23" was not released - it escaped. This is not the worst thing ever created - but it's rather much substandard in concept and quality. There are a couple of pleasant looking ladies - but the unseen guy behind the camera asks the same predictable questions to all of the women - and you KNOW they've all heard those questions before - it's all quite unoriginal. In reality, they should have sent one of the girls on her merry way because she was SO not-into-it - actually you had to feel bad for her - she was not into self-pleasure - she winced in pain every minute during her intromission - she confessed not knowing how to do a BJ - it was like she had no idea what anything was about - and must have decided she had to do whatever was needed to pay the rent or something - anyway - it was completely non-sexy - a real buzz-kill for anything else that might have been on the DVD. I guess the lesson here is, "If you want super glossy pporn populated with inflated professional barbie-lookalike babes, Vivid is the place - but if you are looking for good-gonzo and other amateur oriented fare - keeping moving till you get past Vivid. Vivid does some really great stuff - this particular title is not anything from that pile.

 from Self Serving Coeds
Studio: FilmCo

More Lady's get Off For Your Enjoyment

the girls in the feature may or may not be professional sex-workers - they may or may not be 'amateurs' - but they're all certainly interested in making things appealing for the viewer. Like the title suggests, It's 'Self-Serving' - femme-solo with the occasional helping hand from the unseen camera person. It would seem these segments were culled from other features - some of them feel remarkable familiar - it would also appear these segments were created in Canada or Europe - as the interior decor and electrical wall-sockets are not not like those found in Southern California. 3-stars - as this title is not really all that exceptional - but it's not bad, either.

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