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All Reviews by El Supremo
 from ATK Galleria #9: More Amateur Hotties
Studio: ATKingdom

How Can You NOT Like This?

The girls are gorgeous - there's wall-to-wall sex for over three hours - what's NOT to like? In this title, there is a pretty even mix of femme-solo, guy-girl, and girl-girl episodes. The lighting, photography and sound is all excellent - little time is wasted on plot - there is no violence and everyone appears to be having a good time. Again, what's NOT to like? The ATK people - who operate out of <who knows> look like they're making their videos in Europe - or maybe Canada - every once in a while you'll see somebody you might recognize from the California film factories - but it's always a girl - never a guy - but most of the time it's a one-time-only appearance of a lovely lady who never says a word - another hint of foreign origin - and furniture with decor that looks like Eastern European Modern. Keeping an eye out for oddball electrical sockets is another visual clue that you're not in Kansas. Pound for pound - the ATK series is probably the best bang for the buck - pun intended!

 from Pure 18 #9
Studio: Reality Kings

Pure Genius - again

PURE 18 #9 was created by 'guys who get it'. There are so many 'met too' noodniks in the adult video industry - but, evidently, these guysLOOK at what they are doing and everything gets better because of it. Yes - good lighting - good sound - good looking actors - it's all important - then there's the tag-team of "guy with camera then hands tape to guy with editor" - and, because of what happens in their situation, some of the best sex-videos available comes out of their configuration of people and ideas. The 'PURE 18' series is the evolutional pinnacle of what sex videos should be about. It's not all bloated with plot and other distractions - but it's not completely gonzo - the girls are fresh - look great - the sex is hot and there's a lot - all in all it's full of vitality and energy that makes for a most enjoyable viewing experience.

 from ATK Scary Hairy #6
Studio: ATKingdom

Hairy? Yes - Scary? Mebbe...

Three stars because it's not up to me to declare this is 'not good'. However, this DVD helped me determine conclusively that the whole genre of "girls who never shave" is not one which appeals to me. Several of the segments have no overt sexual activity other than nudity and the focus on hair - be it pulled by the model or simply scanned by the camera. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If the sight of a woman with incredibly hairy legs, underarms, and pubis is what appeals to you - then this could be a really good video. If you're simply curious about the whole 'hirsute' thing , this might be interesting. There is some sexual activity - it's not all posing - but I won't be back for more of same.

 from ATK All 18 #3
Studio: ATKingdom

Another Excellent ATK Title

The AT Kingdon folks have unleashed yet another fantastic three hour visitation to the land of babe-o-licious-ness. Who knows WHERE they FIND these girls - they are SO natural, SO much like the girl next door that, normally, you would have to marry one of them to get this close to this quality kooder. There are so femme-solo scenes - and a few scenes with guys - like the girls - that you've never seen before or after from anywhere else. The sex is all hetero - non-violent - with non of the spitting/slapping/choking/extreme behavior that some other videos seem to think makes them more appealing... Which is so NOT the case. To reverse the exhortations of military drill sergeants, "Drop your socks and grab your cocks!" ATK All 18 #3 is a sexy winner.

 from Amateur Porn #10
Studio: Platinum Media

Amateur? Mebbe - Porn? YES!!

There's a bunch of good lookin' gals doin' beautiful stuff - even has one girl who can't seem to let go of her Virginia Slims - which is something I have always dreaded: Girl asks, "While we're doing it... do you mind if I smoke?" These girls all look like they're dancers at some local men's clubs - and, if there's an AMATEUR aspect to the taped sessions - it's the GUYS who qualify. There's plenty of (often energetic) sex - good camera work - good sound - depending on your mood - this a 'fair' to 'pretty good' effort - and that ain't bad!

 from Natural & Hairy #27
Studio: ATKingdom

Deliciously Different

It's almost like you are there in room with actual, regular, people who are enjoying sex with somebody they care about - even if that's just 'themself'. What a great series - there's no SO much attention to HAIR as with some of their other titles - but it's always THERE - even if it's just a whispy, short, fuzzy, hint of the hirsute. It's hard to tell WHERE these videos are being made (in the first place) but, from the colors of cloth and walls, the style of furniture, the complete lack of any speaking, the fact you almost NEVER see these people in anything else, the obvious conclusion is that those people are living in Europe somewhere. OK - this is not a problem - and, frankly, it is so refreshing to NOT be watching the same girls in yet another 'day at work'. PLUS... this runs for about 3 hours AND has a bunch of trailers - for other good titles in their series.

 from ATK Hairy English Girls
Studio: ATKingdom

"The Rain In Spain Stays Mainly In The Drain"

They're good-looking girls - they're English - they're hairy (sort of, as opposed to being shaved or waxed...) - so far - so good! This is yet another well-done feature from the ATK people - and, for sure, the models were not recruited from the typical southern-California pool of talent. Al of the scenes are 'femme-solo' - usually on a couch - and, if not the hottest thing you've ever seen - are quite 'servicable'. Quite worth the watch - 3 stars, for sure.

 from ATK Galleria #10: Babes Next Door
Studio: ATKingdom

Hodge Podge - but a good one

There's no over-riding theme to this collection of scenes - but it all seems to fit together pretty well. Maybe that's why they call it 'Galleria'. It appears the scenes were recorded in Europe someplace - the fact that almost nobody says a single word gives the impression that the creators didn't want to mess up world-wide distribution opportunities with people saying things that could not be understood by everyone - no matter where. It's another ATK production that is, as ever, professional - if not especially inspired - but the variety of performers do not seem to be professional porno-actors - which is an always welcome occasion. Plus - it's a LONG batch of scenes from which to choose. No matter what are your tastes in consensual, non-violent sexual video-fare, there should be something here for you.

 from 18 And Still In School #24
Studio: Platinum Media

OMG - Actual Amateur Footage

OK - it's volume 24 in a series - and I have not seen any of the other titles - but this is AMAZING - the people in the various segments are ACTUALLY AMATEURS! OK - having ACTUAL AMATEURS in the scenes does not necessarily guarantee the hottest sex - but it is REEELY different from what you normally see. There's some femme-solo and a couple of the scenes involve what one can only imagine is the woman's actual boyfriend - the net result is very candid and refreshingly honest sex. One of the girls has way too much fun repeatedly giving the guy a fabulous hand-job in between riding the pink pony and oral slurpiness. All-in-all - it's a good title - and makes one want to see what's happening on volumes 1-23 of "18 and Still In School"

 from ATK Perfect Pussy #3
Studio: ATKingdom

Great Title - Pretty Good Content

The title 'Perfect Pussy' doesn't actually apply to anything in the DVD itself, but it's probably better than 'Drooling Gash'. Once again the ATK people have stuffed ALOT of footage into one piece of plastic. There's like over 3 hours of pretty motivated activity. There's a mix of some femme-solo, some guy-girl, I think there's a girl-girl segment in there, too. It's non-violent action and most of the people are quite obviously amateurs in the sense you will probably not have seen (most of) them before and will not see them again in another product. There's one segment with a girl and a guy - she has absolutely no breasts - but is sexier than getout - and that pretty much sums it up for the rest of the segments - you don't know what to expect - they may not deliver what you would have wished - but it's all good, anyway...

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