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All Reviews by El Supremo
 from Natural & Hairy #21
Studio: ATKingdom

Several Good Scenes

There are several good scenes in this volume from the ATK people. This is not one of those "over the top unshaved legs' offerings - there are a couple of solo scenes and a couple of guy-girl scenes - and just about everyone gets some pretty good heat going.

 from ATK Perfect Pussy #1
Studio: ATKingdom

One Of The Best

The PERFECT PUSSY titles from the ATK people are all really well done - the girls are great- there's like three hours of content on each of them - and it looks like everyone's having a SUPER time - all the time. These titles look like they were produced in Europe - maybe Canada - wherever - it does not look like the typical stuff you see being ground out by the California adult-video-mills. The folks at ATK really know what they're doing - and do it very well. This title is no exception.

 from Finger Fun #8
Studio: Acid Rain

Rounded Up: The Unusual Suspects

Here's a pretty credible compilation of a whole BUNCH of good looking women who all endeavor to do do a good job of getting themselves off. There's no plot or pretense - no music bed (thank goodness) - and no lead-ins with an off camera guy asking questions about the first time they kissed a girl, etc. A couple of the girls suffer from a serious case of ass-nee - and one can only guess what THAT is all about. But, for the most part, everyone looks clean, sexy, awake and interested. The people who actually make these features can sometimes get the camera parked so low in front of the girl that all you see is a drooling vagina, acres of inner thighs, and a little nose with two nostrils peeking up from over her mons. In this case, it's not no so severe. For the most part you see the entire lady - stomach, boobs, face, arms, legs, and all - and that's good!

 from Pure 18 #7
Studio: Reality Kings

Girls Love The New Guy On The Block

The new adult actor - not sure what his name is - from Italy - is making fast fans of his on-screen cohorts. The guy does know how to please the girls. Although not an outstanding production, this is pretty well done - minimal but intriguing plots blend smoothly and quickly into the requisite checklist of sexual activities - but that's not a complaint by way of faint praise. The girls are good looking and energetic - two of them squirt in response to the italian dude's manual attentions - I think one of them asked, "How the heck did you DO that?" Suffice to say, the action is spontaneous, the girls attractive - if not mostly on the small-breast side of things - and it can be reported that a good time was had by all.

 from Yo Gimmy A Hand
Studio: Boss Film

Femme-Solo - not handjobs

The title might imply 'handjob' video - but the scenes are all femme-solo. My question was, "Where/when does the 'gimme a hand' part come into play?" So - despite the initial confusion, it's not all that bad a video. You've never seen these girls before - they certainly qualify as x-rated video amateurs - although they're probably dancers or hookers in real life. It's a very low-budget european-looking production. You may enjoy this - if only for the variety of the people in front of the camera. Three stars because it was 'good' - not 'great'. As ever, the caveat: Only YOU can say whether this is any good - for you.

 from Real Amateurs #1
Studio: ATKingdom

Another ATK Pro-Take On Amateurs

The ATK people have put together another attractive compilation of folks who definitely appear to be amateurs. But the production is quite professional and tends to show the people in the best way possible. There's a bunch of segments - they feature boy-girl pairings, girl-solo, girl-girl, and all of them sport attractive people having a good time in non-threatenting, non-violent situations.

 from Flyin' Solo
Studio: Sticky Video

Lotsa Gals - All Havin' Finger Fun

Every once in a while you have to step back and think about what's actually going on in these disks - and push the reset button. Here's a bunch of good looking girls who invite you to watch them making the most of their sexual wiring - and they're doing a heck of a job trying to connect with you so you can do the same. There some good "potty-mouth to the camera" from the girls as they encourage the viewer to join them. All in all the scenes come off with a great sense of fun and excitement - which is not that easy a thing to do. There's better - and there's worse - this is a good (not great) DVD full of femme-solo action.

 from ATK Perfect Pussy #2
Studio: ATKingdom

Just Like it says. "Perfect..."

There are some really great material in this title - especially the parts where they interview the girls before their scenes - three or four of the girls have some great responses to the man-behind-the-camera - and then the fun REEELY starts... Four stars because, overall, this is so much better than most XXX reels. Once again the AT Kingdom people have got some fresh talent - some hot action - and lay it out over a THREE HOUR runtime. Ya gotta love those guys!

 from ATK Luv Those Lips #1
Studio: ATKingdom

Delivered Exatly As Promised

Well - if you like 'lips' - and not the ones on the front of one's face, this title will not disappoint. One thing that may occur to you in the course of viewing any of their many many excellent productions is that it always sounds like the air-conditioning is on in the room. However, it may be that the constant sound of 'foosh' in the audio is added in post-production so they have a simple job of eliminating the verbal directions to the actors while shooting and whatever other distracting sounds may occur. If that is what they do, it is a verrrry clever technique to cleanup or enhance the 1-take-video that is always the case with X-rated footage. OK - the girls in this title are not THE most gorgeous - but there's LOTS of LIPS - and tugging at them, etc - and there's lots of hair in evidence, as well. Even if you don't have a super-fetish for vulva and labia - there's some authentic heated action and genuine enthusiasm happening in there.

 from Strip & Play
Studio: Combat Zone

Mark Twain Said It

"There's no accounting for human taste" - or words to that effect. "Strip & Play" is THE BEST DVD of ALL TIME if you say so - I don't say so - but am not gonna say it's no good - that's your call. A number of girls appear - spend a fai amount of time teasing and stripping - then there's so self pleasuring. Maybe the single common-thread in this DVD is that none of them seem especially pleased about anything - nor are they especially attractive. Maybe the best thing about this segments is that almost all of the faces are ones you've never seen before. Anyway - ONLY YOU know if you want to see a little strip tease - then some awkwardly photographed self-pleasuring. If so... This DVD is SO COOL!

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