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All Reviews by El Supremo
 from Amateur Angels #21
Studio: Adam & Eve

Reeely Good Stuff!

This is an interesting DVD - you have to do some SERIOUS hunting - but there's a TON of great footage featuring some REEELY attractive ladies - and lots of good heat generated in the process. All of the scenes start out with a little dancing - very cool music, too - then a guy shows up and they move right to the main event - but in the EXTRAS section there is the typical bonus scene PLUS there's a section called "TEASE" - which is like a complete second DVD - only here the girls do the femme-solo thing and it seems to go FOREVER and it's ALL GOOD! Oh no... now this means I need to get Amateur Angels volumes1-thru 20! This is a very well done title - you should not be disappointed.

 from Natural & Hairy #14
Studio: ATKingdom

Luv Them Natchel Beavers!

The ATK Natural & Hairy Series is one of the best 'franchises' in the Adult video world. Most of what I've seen was created in Europe. [Guys in Calif - get a clue - this is more like what we need to see from you!] As far as the #14 HAIROTICA title goes, almost all of the MANY scenes starts with a female solo segment - then it continues into a second part where somebody - man or woman - joins the original woman - and, as they say, 'hilarity ensues'. But seriously - the sex is hot - the angles photographed are excellent - the girls are as REAL as REAL can be - there's lots of bush - there's no violence - you can tell that everyone is genuinely having a good time - it's so unlike so much of what you see in porn where they keep trying to find the "bottom of the barrel of bad". AT Kingdom has won awards for their stuff - an rightly so - the NATURAL & HAIRY line of videos is reeeeely good.

 from Natural & Hairy #15
Studio: ATKingdom

Pretty Good - Not Their Best

The ATK series can almost always be counted on to deliver THE best in whatever may the niche topic of any given title. For the most part - this is a good DVD - but it's maybe a tad in appeal below some of the other offerings from these folks. The ATK titles - nevertheless - are some of THE best in the industry - so, even though this may not be theri mbest - it's WAY better than so much of that's out there. The girls are almost all VERY attractive - the situations, scenes, and co-players in the scenes are pretty good - not great - but certainly 'pretty good'. It's your call, though. As ever, it's hard to go bad choosing an ATK title. This DVD is also in that pool of good entertainment candidates.

 from Made In Xspana #1
Studio: Evil Angel

The kooky world of Nacho

Three stars - if only for 'intensity'. Nacho Vidal is a very prolific and determined male presence in the adult world. This is yet another visit to the manic and hyper sexual-scene of Mr. Vidal who is quite the animal when it comes to his appetite for raw sex. One of the actresses, Irina Vega, seen near the end of the segments, is especially sexy.

 from Natural & Hairy #16
Studio: ATKingdom

More Than Just Hairy

There were some good investigations into the hairy-ness of the models - there were also some models who were not especially overly hairy - but who had some good sex with either themself or some lucky dude (or dudette). It sure looks like these hairy offerings from ATK are purchased from European producers - and the differences from what gets shot in So-CAL and MIAMI are a welcomed change. Three stars because there was nothing really exceptional - but, overall, it's a good title and probably has a little something for everyone's taste.

 from Pure 18 #5
Studio: Reality Kings

Everyone Knows What They're Doing

Finally - a company - REALITY KINGS - understands what they're supposed to be doing - and the guys-n-gals in front of the camera do, as well! They could release a title like this one every day of the week and never run out of appeal. The girls are full of energy - looks fantastic - especially 'Britney' who is one of THE most real and sexy women, ever. It's not a perfect world - but the PURE 18 people know how to get things as close as possible - the PURE 18 DVDs are a great series - and this is no exception to that rule.

 from P.O.V. Handjobs #2
Studio: Loaded Digital

Girls In Need Of JO Instructions

The one thing that becomes immediately apparent from viewing this DVD is that NOT EVEN PORN STARS know how to jack off guys. Seriously - GUYS! - you have to start getting women to either watch you - or flat out tell them - or SOMETHING. These girls were not even feigning interest in even doing it - never mind the fact that none of them was any good at it. That does not makes this a bad DVD - on the contrary - it's an education just watching the completely useless motions they go thru in that this makes it incredibly obvious, "You have to TELL or SHOW specifics because women have absolutely no clue as to how to get a guy off."

 from Finger Fun #6
Studio: Acid Rain

Kooter Overload

Good golly - this is the no-frills finger-fest of all time. There are ALOT of girls - all doing a nice job of catching some big personal jolly-time. You may have seen some of the segments on other DVDs - this is a compilation of over 20 segments. For the most part, the girls are natural and very attractive.

 from Solo-stravaganza! #4 (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Sin

Compilation Exasperation

This title contains a few scenes from the "I Love BIG Toys" features - and I am no fan of that genre - plus it has a couple of unremarkable scenes from other DVDs which I have rented and seen in the past. It turned out to not be a 'Solostravaganza' so much as a "Let's sell a re-packaged blob of unconnected footage that vaguely seems like it belongs together". As there was no new footage in this DVD - and I doubt if the models were paid for their repeat appearances - it would seem that you're better off going to find the original DVDs which probably have more of what you're looking for - and to not encourage these guys for doing what they have done here.

 from ATK Petite Amateurs #4
Studio: ATKingdom

Could Have Been Phoned In

There are a couple of very good segment in this DVD - but, overall, it's not bad - not good - kind of like everybody showed up but really wished they were somewhere else. There's plenty of action - most of the girls are especially good-looking - but there's something missing along the line - but you be the judge- the girls ARE petite and some of them ARE pretty much into it all. Maybe it's the guys who show up in some of the scenes who are the wet-blanket-factor.

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