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All Reviews by El Supremo
 from Nice Rack #15 (Disc 2)
Studio: Anabolic

The Joylessness Of Sex

Although I am sure they are fine people, the directors [Tony T. and Ivan] are not MY idea of people who are very good at being creators of x-rated material. Tony T. and Ivan have managed to purge even the faintest glimmer of enjoyment - on anyone's part - from each and every segment of this title. Despite the fact these two DVDs provide 6 hours of sexual activity, it's immediately obvious NOBODY is having any fun and what they capture on camera is completely non-sexy. After checking - it seems this work was done in 2007 - maybe they've gotten better since then - but this is a very poorly produced product. Sorry...

 from All Teens #2
Studio: Digital Sin

More Good Stuff From Mark Ashley

If you believe the stories from Penny Flame, et al, there's no other guy in the adult-biz who's better than Mark Ashley. The girls are visibly anticipatory when MArk approaches - they KNOW that good things are about to happen - as his reputation precedes him. This is another one of his productions where he gets the best/most from all of the folks in front of the camera. There's a scene with Micah Moore and Maya Mills which is especially hot - the other segments are, maybe, not quite so inspired - but professional and cover all the bases, nonetheless.

 from Finger Fun #2
Studio: Acid Rain

How Can You Lose - With The Stuff They Use?

If you like Femm-Solo - this is a very good compilation. There's like over three hours of girls gettin'-off and many of them are really good-lookin' and you can tell they really like doin' what they're doin'. The folks who put hits DVD together have some talented people putting the segments together for them - the girls are a compilation of some recognizable pros - like Sacha Gray and Rebecca Linares - plus some obvious newbies - really, it's a good mix of talent, body types, shot with good camera work, good audio, good lighting, and hot-n-horney talent. You'll have a hard time ever getting to the end of this feature without having gotten-off along the way.

 from Initiations #21
Studio: Anabolic

The Girls Are Game - And That's All good

There's plenty of potty-mouth from both the guys and girls in this DVD - the sex is mostly BJs but there's some hot guy-girl - and one girl-girl segment - to entertain. The girls show up - there's some interview - then a blindfold is applied and guys appear and the girls oblige with enthusiastic mouth action - at some point the blinbdfolds come off and the action kicks into top gear - sometimes with a multi-BJ setup - sometimes with bigtime doggie-style - which the girls always love. There's not too much imagination to setup the scenes - which is good as they get to the right point and stay there until everyone's had their fill. In the words of Denzel, "It's all good, bro".

 from Finger Fun #3
Studio: Acid Rain

Let Her Fingers Do The Talking

the FingerFun series appears to be footage that is acquired as part of or as a prelude other hetero scenes that may have been shot. Some of the girls have that 'crazyeyes' look - and some of them don't seem especially interested in the situation - like they may have asked, "Hey while we're doin' this - do you mind if I smoke?" What good about the DVD is that there's a bunch of different scenes and most of the girls are pretty good looking. If you like femme-solo - this is not the worst title I have ever seen - so, although it's not the BEST - it still comes recommended.

 from Teen Solos
Studio: DVSX

All Together Now...

This DVD is a compilation of a huge number of femme-solo scenes that were all originally 'DVD-extra' material on several other DVDs that featured Guy-girl scenes. There are several remarkable scenes and a couple of not so remarkable appearances - but, overall, it's a generous, long, trip into the world of girls-getting-themselves-off.

 from ATK Petite Amateurs #1
Studio: ATKingdom

Lots of Excited Womens!

This is a delightfully LONG title - with a good mix of femme-solo, girl-girl and guy-girl scenes. It's interesting that the camera does not make the petite ladies look especially petite - it's really hard to tell how tall some of the girls are - but they are certainly not large or over-weight. There are a couple of outstanding scenes - a couple of "phoned-it-in" segments - but, for the most part, it's obvious everyone's having a really good time.

 from Pure 18 #3
Studio: Reality Kings

They All Done Real Good

The folks who put together this series really know how to do what they do - and then they go about doing it very well. They get an overall A++ rating. The girls, the guys, the video and sound people - everyone has got the act down pat. There are very few outfits that do as good a job as do these people. This is an excellent series of non-violent sex where everyone is having a good time and looking very good in the process.

 from Nice Rack #16
Studio: Anabolic

FunBags Fiesta!

The guys who create this stuff just keep getting better and better at it. The girls in this feature keep getting better, as well. There's about 5 or six different scenes - with lots of focus on some very good looking boobage - pretty hot action to match and it all goes on for what seems like a very generous runtime. If you like boobs - this is a very sex-positive feature with lots of enthusiastic, well photographed, well lit, good sounding entertainment. The very first girl talks a blue-streak - and is quite interesting and often funny - then there's GIANNA... yeow!

 from Natural & Hairy #11
Studio: ATKingdom

If They Had Gone To Europe

If the BeachBoys had only gone to Europe, they would have written, "I wish they all could be Easter Block Women" instead of California girls. There are some incredibly wonderful women in this offering from the ATK people. Four stars simply because it looks SO different from the typical stuff coming out of California. This DVD features a little of everything - with plenty of femme-solo and some girl-girl and guy-girl stuff, as well. All of it is very well photographed, has good audio and there's plenty of obviously real enjoyment happening.

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