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All Reviews by EinRand
 from Smokin' Pokin' Marines
Studio: Heatwave

Marines from Pokemón?

Well at least these guys had decent bodies. For that reason alone I give it two stars. As for being, or ever remotely looking like Marines... uh... no way. Some of the guys actually look like aged bitter queens. And as for story line, since I don't have anything nice to say, I'll shut up now. ;-(

 from Lust in the Hay
Studio: Renegade

Lustless FemRide

I never knew cowboys could be so fem! Unless youre into skinny queens with tan lines - avoid this one like the plaque.

 from Warehouse Heat
Studio: Renegade

WoosHaus Cheat

I felt cheated, the box cover looked so promising, but alas all the guys in this flick looked more like they worked at MickieDees, than in a warehouse. Unless your in to out of shape, fem., sickly looking queens, skip this one cause the fast forward even on DVD just ain't fast enough.