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All Reviews by Efs
 from Taboo #17
Studio: Cal Vista

Rent Two

Good old classic porn - couples flick - but short. If you start doing your own thing you will find the flick over real fast. You might use this to warm up and have a second dvd on hand for the grande finale.

 from Zazel (Disc 1)
Studio: Cal Vista

Wait Till You See The Tatoo Scene

Does not get better than this. Cannot understand why it has not been rated by more viewers since it will get you both off more than once. Own it.

 from Down The Hatch #3
Studio: Diabolic

It Is What It Says It Is

But not much more. No style really, no flair, no art, just standard beat your meat stuff. The women work hard to please but the men are just dicks. No brains to make this one except to find some hot unknowns hoping to become pornstars. Three stars just for the ladies.

 from Oral Consumption #1
Studio: Anabolic

Vicarious fun

Not much for the foot sucking - that seems dumb. But what chance do you have of really having your ass licked? So this fantasy is about the best most of us will never experience.

 from White Lightning
Studio: VCA

Struck Me!!

This is one you want to see. for sure. Forgot they made this good in 1999. Rent this for a long weekend.

 from World Sex Tour #8
Studio: Anabolic

No More Of This Series

This stopped me from trying anymore of this series. Looked like all Costa Rican prostitutes, some over the hill and used to abuse. Some were young enough but seemed druggy, mere holes to be used, without imagination, without an act, just poke, turn and poke again.

 from Bad Company
Studio: Vivid

Good Company For An Evening

Can you find a better fcking pair than Anna Malle and Kylie Ireland? This flick has enough of a story to bring the wife along and the really great sex you want her to do with you. Has enough story so she will want to see the rest the next night, but Anna Malle is such a totally fcking bitch than you will have to get it on half way thru.

 from Favorite Big Ass Asian All-Stars
Studio: Evil Angel

Thumbs Up For The Women

Thumbs down for the rest. FAT ASS ASIANS is so low budget that they probably had to rent the camera. While many aging Porn Stars turn to producing and directing Joey Silvera is a far cry from Paul Thomas. The sets are cheap, the sound quality stinks and the scenes are without imagination. The unfortunate women displaying their talents in such sorry settings must be street hookers lured to XXX by the promise of being made into American porn stars. Now the ladies are certainly hot working women, the kind that Americans travel to Hong Kong or Bangkok to feast on. Not as sophisticated as top US or European talent, these Asian ladies will give it up with all their hearts and every hole. In the first scene a little Chinese slut takes on a young Sean Michaels and manages his huge one, even up her little ass. She is typical of the women in this XXX, working real hard to please. While Michaels has some class and talent, the rest of the men are dolts, If you like a variety of bitchin Asian cunts and don’t care what low life they have to fck, then rent this one.

 from Chica Boom #3
Studio: Kick Ass

Scorching Copper Cunts

Chica Boom 3 starts out hot and gets scorchedingly hot You won’t believe it once this XXX starts, but they saved the best performance for last. And it has two of the best anal loving scenes you will ever see anywhere. Not a true movie, but a string of vignettes, good enough that I wish these beautiful brown bodies could find a Michael Raven or Michael Ninn to display their talents. In the first scene Lola “the barber” will jack up both Dillon Day and you. Starts with a fine opening tease and ends with a mouthful. Sets you up for Tavalia, the receptionist. Mark Davis is “uncut” and when you see what she does to a foreskin with her tongue, you will want your skin back. If you didn’t pop for Tavalia, you will for Vanda. She may not be a “Latin” lover, but her anal fcking with Kyle Phillips is blistering, her whole scene is blistering. You won’t get past this scene if you are alone, and if you are lucky enough to have a lady with you, hope that she’s an anal lover too. There is more and better to follow but you should probably cum now and save the rest for another night. The fourth scene with Rain should have been placed at #2, because it is a bit of a let down. But if this is night 2 for you, then it will get you warmed up for the grand finale, beautiful bronze Adriana. This gorgeous slut seems both totally natural and totally flawless at the same time. She has a pretty face, nice breasts, and a slim body with long, long legs. Her cock sucking is truly “cock loving.” Hell, you might lose it right there, but try to breathe deep. When “Jack Hammer” starts to put his tool up her ass, you will think she has never had it there before. O, the images of virgin ass! Then she slowly becomes an advertisement for anal pleasures. This copper skinned “masterpiece” does it all, she is the whore of your dreams. If she doesn’t sell your lady (or you for that matter!) on the pleasures of anal sex, forget it.

 from Anal Ski Vacation
Studio: Anabolic

Well, There Was Anal

There was anal. They had some skies. The flick even had Sunset Thomas who is usually the bomb. But it all seemed without inspiration, without passion. Like, ok, lets crank out another porno, guys, we got two days. The last scene with Rocco looked no mechanical the peter took a dive.

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