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All Reviews by Efs
 from Professor Of Languages, The
Studio: Blu

Italian Poon

Made in Italy. Would have been five stars but the dubbing was not great, the fkg was. One great skinny blonde in second scene.

 from Isabella
Studio: Blu


The problem with the Blu studio is that the jacket tells us nothing, but this flick is as hot as it gets. A thin story line strings together scenes as hard as anyone could want, including a GGB with lots of ATM. European porn at its best, beautiful woman, good filming, and several pops of your pork.

 from White Washed Gangbang
Studio: Heatwave

Great Black Ass

Five stars and three nighter. You just won't make it past a scene per night. maybe four nights - going back for seconds on one totally hot black ass. And if there are any black women reading with a dream about doing a few white boys, this is a good inspiration. Just bring three dildos to fulfill the fantasy to the max.

 from Hell Hole
Studio: Heatwave

Minimum Security Prison

This is not a brutal rough flick. Actually a pretty basic interracial fck film with the girls giving it up to get some special treatment and the white boys getting the chance of their lives to have some black pussy. Probably will pass the girl friend test and if you a white boy with a black girl friend, you can do some role playing, lucky dog!

 from Lust World #1
Studio: Heatwave

Moron World

This flick should win an award for the dumb story and even dumber dialogue - I mean totally stupid, like a foreign made film and the translator was a D student. But unlike the other reviewer I found the sex scenes alone to be five star - so if you fast forward to the sex anyway, you might like this one.

 from Art Of Sex, The
Studio: Damaged

Blow'em Away, Really

I cannot figure out if these are mission impossible goods guys killing bad guys or just more bad guys shooting other bad guys but it does nto much matter. First they hunt them down, fck their brains out and the blow them away. Has everything you can want, even great ass licking. The lead woman is a bit masculine looking but she has a great hard body and dp's like you wish you could.

 from Pornocide
Studio: Heatwave

Strange Stuff

You will have to like the strange and unusual to like this director at all. The actual sex is great watching but all the scenes and situations are weird. Unfortunately for the ladies the men in this flick range from totally unkempt to very unattractive.

 from Double Her Pleasure #1
Studio: Heatwave

Black Women A To Z

If you like black women being done in double time, this flick will get you off for several nights. Has a great variety of women, from skinny bitches with tiny tits to big assed whores with triple D's, and they take it in every hole. Each scene is a vignette that shows you a woman who is capable of a little talk before she is totally fcked.

 from Erotic Live Show
Studio: Blu

Too Bad It Is In English

I thought I had heard the dumbest dialogue ever in Lust World but this is even worse - would be better if it was in a foreign language. Each scene has a fine bit of stripping and the women can fck your dck off so you can enjoy this one, except when someone opens his/her mouth to talk.

 from Intrigue
Studio: Wicked

Ignore The Title

Why that title was chosen is the only intriguing thing here. The women are gorgeous and the scenes stylish, but the sex was more mellow and mild than nasty and hot. But I like Kaylani Lei anywhere anytime. Worth it just for her.

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