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All Reviews by Efs
 from Fully Loaded #2
Studio: Red Light District

A melting pot of sex

This flick has a great ethic assortment of women, like few films out there. Every flavor you could want and just every kind of sex you need. Almost bought this one but then it is cheaper to rent it again. This will last you at least five nights.

 from Slant Eye For The Straight Guy #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Title Sucks

This xflik deserves a better title, because it sounds like just another cheap ass asian film. This is one of the finest fcking XXX you will ever get, almost bought it, but I gave that up since it is so easy to rent. You will have to hate asian women to dislike this one.

 from China Syndrome #1
Studio: New Sensations

The Syndrome Is Nymphomania

You are not even going to make it through the first scene. Lyly Thai (I think) is a sexual madwoman, fcking her brains out with every hole she has. And the rocking sex continues throughout. The flick is full of women who act like they just love being fcked silly and totally reamed out. You will actually believe they enjoy having a couple of cocks cum all over their faces.

 from One Night In Vegas
Studio: Wicked

Full Slots

This one has a good story idea for a porn flick. A couple wake up in a hotel room and cannot remember how they ended up in bed together. Retracing their steps links all the scenes together and they are all good scenes - the sex is great, given it is a classy film - all holes filled and everyone is into getting off.

 from Girls Of The Taj Mahal #1
Studio: Heatwave

Really Prostitutes

These women look like real prostitutes, not porn whores, they are not acting, just trading sex for money. Not real pretty - had a lot of stretch marks. The fantasy is that this is probably what you would get in an Indian whorehouse.

 from Rump Shaker #3
Studio: Heatwave

Check The Date

Lots better to find than this. It is an old film, but I would not call it a classic. May have been good in its day, for its anal action, but the film is just a little worn and ragged.

 from Race Relations #1
Studio: Heatwave

One Ballbusting Scene

Mostly average stuff, not too creative, not really hot, except for one scene worth the whole deal. A really fierce fkg, with a woman nasty as Monique but more beautiful. Will empty your balls.

 from Haunted Tails
Studio: Heatwave

Hot Spirits!

This is first rate - fun story, good set up for a series of vignettes and full of good looking men and women, lots of variety, fills all the holes, good for at least two nights. Best if you can see it with a lady, then it might be a two time one nighter.

 from Sextet
Studio: Vivid

Kooky Movie

The story is kind of for the birds, kind of a Gothic Gonzo, but the women are top knotch. This is the kind to watch with a women who likes porn, not with your drunk buddies.

 from Professor Of Languages, The
Studio: Blu

Italian Poon

Made in Italy. Would have been five stars but the dubbing was not great, the fkg was. One great skinny blonde in second scene.

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