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All Reviews by Efs
 from Space Nuts (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

Space Balls Revisited

Space Nuts is the reason you need a rental program like this. This is a three night movie, at least. There are ten scenes with great sucking and fcking (except anal) and lots of plot and staging in between. This is fun porn, no gonzo lovers need apply. It is moronic acting but then the original, Space Balls, was moronic too. The featured star, Stormy, is the classic, all too perfect porn star: blond, beautiful, huge tits on a tall hard body. She is the hollywood fantasy chick doing all the straight stuff with wild abandon, but alas, not one “no holes barred” scene. She is in several scenes, but you won’t get tired of seeing her. There is lots of variety in the scenes and delicious, BJ finishes. And the scenes are imaginative, fully defined venues for sex. No amateurs, no dead weight either. This is truly a movie. Interesting costumes, outlandish sets, wonderful photography, fine make-up, a quality production from the opening scene to the credits. In addition to valley girl Stormy, there is Kaylani Lei doing it with a cyborg (why does the cyborg need a condom?), a scene that is just too short. There is a fantastic scene with a star whose name I lost: she is painted all in blue. This segment is so visually superior to the average porn, it becomes truly erotic art. The men act well and are solid performers, more than being just a dick for the lady to work on. Devinn Lane is so good as the evil witch that you will just keep waiting for her to get porked. Actually, I kept waiting for her to get gang banged by all the “baddies,” but so such luck. And Old Mike Horner plays the “evil overlord.” Some of these guys have been around so long they have learned to act! The scenes are almost all one on one, only one double decker that I remember. The oral sex is superb, and all the women gorgeous. This XXX is truly a couples feature. Open a bottle of wine, kick back, and plan on not making to the end in one evening.

 from Improper Conduct
Studio: Wicked

Good Old Time Porn

The play on words in the title will tell you this is good old fashioned porn. It has a story, some character, good looking women. Porn is usually good for one of two things: 1)a stimulating jerk-off when you got nobody or 2) to get your woman hot and wild without hours of foreplay. This is a #2. But no anal, so a four star.

 from Double Feature
Studio: Wicked

More Fun Than Space Nuts

Double Feature is more fun than Space Nuts and has a lot hotter sex. This XXX has everything you want, really. Taking off on grade B horror movies, the first “feature” is an Invasion of the Sex Starved Bimbos from Space who suck your brains out through your cock. Full of talented performers like Serenity, Jewel De’Nyle, Shanna McCullough and men like Hershel Savage and Randy Spears who are more than just dicks, the acting is good (for a “B” movie). The scenes may seem a little short but there lots of them, with all positions and all holes being filled in one scene or another. If you like women with meat, Shanna McCullough will get you started with an anal in the first scene. Good XXX to get drunk by. A rocking three way seems to end the film but then starts “feature” number 2 with a Frankenstein take off. The monster in Porn of course is out fcking everyone and anyone and this XXX continues the fun interludes between the sex scenes. Two of the best performances, however, are by women without bio’s. The first is a true strawberry blonde with fabulous big tits in hot frenzied fcking of all holes (reverse, rerun this one). The second is a brunette with a European accent. Try her acrobatic anal position with your lady friend if you can. Maybe the wannabee stars just try harder than those established in the biz. However, neither is quite as beautiful as Serenity and she puts out several times to earn her title role. This should be your very next pick, bar none.

 from Wicked Whispers
Studio: Wicked

California Blonds

If you want plot and story with your porn and great filming technique, this is hot enough in the sex dept. Unfortunately it starts with a long lesbo scene, and after a while all the blonds get hard to tell apart. A little variety is better.

 from Sophia
Studio: Marc Dorcel

They Said It All

all these reviews are right on. i do not know what "sophia" has to fo with anything but this is one of dorcel's good ones.

 from Hercules (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

All They Say Is True

No need to say much more than has been said. Lots of fun here and I am sure your lady will be nice and wet - which is the point of it all, isn't it?

 from Hook-Ups #2
Studio: Wicked

Really Beautiful Women

Great for watching with your woman, unless she likes it down and dirty. This flick has georgeous women in fine settings, but the sex is 90's work, mellow and stylish, but no anal, no depravity.

 from Life, The
Studio: Wicked

A Couples Bordello

Not edgy enough for a real whore house unless the men are supposed to be so hard up they don't need anything more than any wife would give. Most men need a whore for the things the wife would put out for. The story, however, is much better than the average porn and will be great to view with an accomodating lady.

 from Phantom Love
Studio: Wicked

Things That Blow In The Night!

Great couples film, better than average story line, with very decent acting, good props in the scenes and a good setting. The men and women are good looking. No nasty or depraved sex, no anal. The sex is very arousing but not mind blowing, more romantic than raunchy. Definitely want to watch this with the sig other.

 from Pandora
Studio: Wicked

Get Into This Box

Flick has Johnnie Black, Cloe, Temptress and Syren, and Johnnie Black is worth the price of admission all buy herself. You will not be disappointed, just was not quite a five star.

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