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All Reviews by Efs
 from Gangbang Girl #32
Studio: Anabolic

Gauge Does It All

Guage is one of the best and in this totally debauched flick she does everything you can want. Cannot imagine anyone giving this back after one night even if you made it to the end of Guage's scene. Not much here for the ladies, a man's lonely night pull, a great consolation for having no one to be with. Unfortunately the other ladies are not so hot.

 from Feeling Black #1
Studio: Platinum X


FEELING BLACK gets four stars because there are not that many films with black women and white men. It seems like there are lots of black men doing it with white women and lots and lots of all black, but no where near enough white men with blacks. So it gets a star just for that. There is no pretence of a story, just a bunch of sex scenes, but there are four truly hot ones, and even those with unenthusiastic ladies are not bad. At least three of these ladies are as hot as anyone you could name, although none have a big name. The worst part is that a couple of the white guys are a bit dull. But I ain't watching the movie to look at them.

 from Black Amazon Woman
Studio: Temptation

Where Is The Amazon?

The women all looked like over-the-hill hookers. Sad flick. Worn out and run down, more like prostitutes that had been on the street too many nights. Not prono actresses. Want to see some real Amazons in action? Rent Black anal Nurses or Black Market.

 from Fresh Meat #17
Studio: Evil Angel

Newcummers my ass!

Fresh Meat 17 is one of those films labeled “new cummers, “amateur angels,” etc., etc. Probably the same ladies appear as “fresh meat” for a dozen different directors. The ladies in the first (and the best) scene in this XXX seem very experienced behind them. If Michelle Wild was not famous, she certainly got so fast as the new hot Euro property, and for good reason. Sandy Style may be unknown but she is not “new” to fcking. The first scene in the morgue may seem truly perverse – necrophilia. But remember this is the movies. Sandy Style does a good job of pretending to be dead, until sex wakes the dead! Relax it is fun. Besides, haven’t you been with at least one woman who laid there like she was dead. And every hole gets filled with blistering sex. Juliana Kincaid and Aimee Tyler really do look like fresh meat, new young bodies untouched by the surgeon’s scalpel. Don’t you get tired of bodies that have been nipped and tucked in a dozen places? These two look like girls the average Joe might get to lay, good looking but not plastic. They also fck like they are trying to prove they should be the next super star. This anal scene looks like a first time, and she certainly appears like she is just learning to love it, stretched on a good sized cock. Too bad the set is just an ordinary poolside. Lucy Lee is a latex pro on boat cruise. She is just too good with two men not to have done this a few times before. Marvelous natural and classic body, hope nobody talks her into trying to improve what she has. If you don’t get enough of her DP in the main film, click on the bonus section. If that isn’t enough to get you off, you are hopeless. Angel Long and Nyomi Marcela end the film but the black lady just doesn’t get enough action. It would have been nice to have the black woman finish us off after all the white women but not to be. At least the blond’s anal/oral action is a ball drainer.

 from Sinful Asians #2
Studio: Absolute Jewel

Hot Sushi

Totally bitchin hot, with a variety of all positions and delights, great blowjobs, better anal, and each scene does not go on forever. Unless you do not like little Asians mose this to the top of your list.

 from Sex Shooter
Studio: Erotic Angel

Just For The Painted Lady

You should see this just for the lady in body paint, very erotic. The whole film is remarkably hot considering no anal. A simple device moves the scenes along - a photographer's models keep getting turned on, both the men and women are attractive - few couples will hold back till the flick ends.

 from Beautiful
Studio: Wicked

Beautiful is Beautiful

BEAUTIFUL is a clever and sophisticated take off on the Evil Witch/Snow White theme. Talent and creative filming earned this movie several AVN awards. It has everything you could want in a XXX video, well, almost. This is certainly the direction XXX should take. There is a lot of build up to the first sex scene which is long, exciting and passionate. The actress is a little “thick” and big breasted, but a fierce fcking machine. It is a good opener, unfortunately followed by an overlong lesbo scene. (Who likes these scenes anyway? Gay gals must like all girl shows, are there guys who like this?) The neatest trick in the movie is locating the orgy scene mid-movie. This is one of the best staged orgies ever and shows the director to be imaginative and capable of organizing a complicated scene. It is just too short. The most beautiful pussy award must go to Kaylani Lei. She is shaved so smooth that it looks like not a single hair ever grew between her legs, one of the benefits of being Asian to start with. Even so, her lips and her slit are so small, it is hard to imagine her being penetrated by any but the smallest tools. The actor isn’t that big but you hold your breath when he starts into her. The “climatic” scene is a truly hot couples’ scene – Prince Charming and Snow White in a sex crazed lovers’ embrace. The ladies will love it. The final scene is the evil witch in black latex with her slave, a little kinky but nothing more nasty than a little ATM. This is a good show for those who do not like any anal, a good show for someone’s first porno, especially for the first porno with the new girlfriend. Looks almost like a real movie, hot sex but nothing to scare away the average person.

 from Teanna Kai's "The Masseuse"
Studio: Baby Doll

Try Jenna's Masseuse!

Crap. Unless you are a lesbian, then you want to rent this. otherwise don't waste the time.

 from Feeling Black #2
Studio: Platinum X

Black Women: Rent This

This is worth renting just for the first scene alone with Jada Fire, a big black bitch with a big cunt, a big ass, big tits, and big nipples. And a big cock sucking, filthy talking mouth. She is every white man's fantasy. But you must like the other scenes better if you like your black women skinny. And any of you black women reading this should know the white men in this flick just love black women so much they will tongue-fuck your ass. You will get off watching these men - just don't let your black man know.

 from Angel X (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

XXX for the next generation!!

From the opening scene with the beautiful Asia Carrera you will find this one of the most inventive XXX films ever made, and with the men a lot more interesting than the standard movie prop for the female performer. Asia’s partner is a tattooed, muscular man with a mohawk. And the sets, the photography, the lighting, the costumes just keep on getting better and better. While no one is better at sucking a cock than Asia, in this movie every scene could be in a “best of the best” oral compilation. In the second scene Olivia Del Rio is the “Empress of Light,” a purely stunning woman in a dazzling outfit on a set flowing with fog. Almost makes you forget you are watching a fck film, until she starts fcking. Well, it is acting but, oh, if just once in a while you could get your woman to act like that. She ends the scene with one of the best ever oral cum shots. Her partner is a true erotic star. He gets all ready to pop inside her, squeezes his cock off until he is back in her mouth and then lets fly. Rewindable!!! Kaylani Lei is the “centerpiece” of this XXX and she certainly deserves a magnificent vehicle like this but her first scene is an overly long lesbo job – so no 5 star. The “bad guys” are featured in an orgy scene in a “den of iniquity.” The men are weird and pervy looking evil gods -The women are tattooed and pierced multiple times, sex slaves in latex. A great group scene with grand BJ’s has all four on the dais facing each other, sucking face, while their rumps are up in the air getting fckd. You will think that next they will all be royally reamed together, but you will wrong. Should have been anal but not. We finally get a scene with Kaylani Lei with a man and it is worth the wait. She is the archtype Japanese beauty, small natural breasts, tight hard body, and a super sucker. Men will just cry if they don’t have a woman to suck them dry after this movie. The ending promises a sequel, lets hope.

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