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All Reviews by Efs
 from Taken
Studio: VCA

Just Fcking Great

You cannot miss with this flick. It has a story and style and a real movie like quality that will involve the woman and ripping hot sex for the man. This is one of the all time great erotic films of all time. Unless you just watch to jerk off this is not to be missed by any fan of XXX. This is up there with Behind the Green Door and the Devil in Miss Jones.

 from Welcum To Chloeville #3
Studio: Elegant Angel

A True Milf Slut for all time

Chloe has always got off like no other porn star. Maybe she really has orgasms that make her nuts or maybe she just acts like cumming blows her mind. Does it matter? Don't you wish your woman would act like that once in a while? A complete anal freak, she is older now but still will get you off just watching get off. She does it twice.

 from Bordello Blues
Studio: Wicked

Try It, you'll like it

This is a classic but not for guys that are homophobes. That is, fear of being thought gay because you like it up the ass yourself. Not for anyone looking for the same old gonzo jerk off material but for the erotic adventurers who need a regular change of pace. Go for it.

 from Lewd Conduct #2
Studio: Diabolic


I did know they could make porn this uninteresting. Got to be the bottom of the barrel when you cannot even make someone get a hard on with a porn movie.

 from Loose Screw
Studio: Legend

"scream date"

scream date is plot of the movie, a sex date system that hooks up "impossible people" - this is actually a very cute story, with mellow sex appeal. good if your lady is not into the ass busting kind of sex. she will get turned on and isn't that good?

 from Flesh Hunter #3
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

it is really "butt hunter 3"

Flesh Hunter 3 is for all ass and anal lovers. It is too bad it is just gonzo because all the ladies have abilities beyond their sexual excellence. They were just not expected to do much other than sex. Aurora Snow and Jenna Haze start it off as nineteen year old pickups. If they are really just 19 then they must have been backyard whores for several years because they put like pros. And they are laughing, giggling and having a good time at it. Jenna’s anal is acted out like her first time and how she learns to love it. But when Aurora holds her ankles over her head, it appears that she must have had platoons up her poopchute. She also shows you something you may never get – she takes the cock out of Jenna’s ass and sucks on it . Back and forth several times, straight ass to mouth. However do they ever clean their asses that well? And that is just the start. Alexa Rae, tattooed and pierced, follows. They just don’t go slowly enough over her body. Then there is the dildo lover Jessica. But Austin O’Reilly gets two guys and does it all for you and them. You probably won’t have anything left for the last scene with Gauge. She works up such a slobber doing a double blow job that her breasts are dripping with it. And then she moves on to the stuff that made her famous. Good thing you can keep this one for several days.

 from White Dicks Black Chicks #1
Studio: Red Light District

Like Black?

White Dicks in Black Chicks is a gonzo XXX with little intro’s mostly about how the black women like white men. This is obviously only for those of us who are obsessed with black women and cannot get any, The only fault is that some scenes go on forever. The women are fine. “Bambi” does a great job of pretending to be a novice, only had sex a few times. Very convincing until she starts to fkc. She does suck like an amateur, but she fkcs like an amazon, maybe not very experienced but well coached. She hikes her legs over her head so her knees are by her ears and the highest part of her body is shaved smooth cunt. You will like what you see. “Promise” is a screamer and I like screamers. Again, the scene goes on a bit too long, but then you do have this for as long as you want. Maybe you only need one girl a night. Save one night for “Angel Love.” She really does look like she never did a DP before, not sure what to do lying on her back on top of one man with his up her ass, while another man spreads her legs and enters her cunt. You will get off on the look on her face.

 from South American Pie #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance

You Would Like A Slice

The women were really good, obviously trying to become the next superstar, they did it all, every hole, and acted with passion like they loved it. The men however were like live dildos, just supplying the boner, if they continue the series, let's hope they find some men with style.

 from No Holes Barred #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance

A Five Nighter!

Guage is her super fcking self, all you have come to expect of her, but Olivia Del Rio is the top performer. Damn, just thinking about her makes me wish I had bought this one. This is a five nighter and if you cannot get off on every woman in this flick, you must have yourself a Mr. Softie. Of course, your lady probably won't care for it much unless she has a fantasy about doing three at a time. Or loves you so much she willing to be a weeklong cum catcher.

 from Ass Worship #4
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Really Great

Just for big ass anal lovers, probably not for the ladies, but rip roaring for the men

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