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All Reviews by Efs
 from Killing Courtney Luv
Studio: VCA

Punk Love?

Like the ad says, this is punk rock porn, just as nasty and low life as you might imagine. If you are up for degenerate, nasty cum-ball women who get off sucking cock whipped out of their assholes and back in again and again in the mouth, then this is for you. Can't say they are the most beautiful women you can find, but sometimes you just want a beasty slut.

 from Women Of Color #10
Studio: Anabolic

For Those Who Prefer Dark Meat

great sex with brown and black women, a fantasy collection for white men deprived of dark meat. all have a personal lead-in that give them a "human dimension,' although it was hard to believe this sweet lady wanted to be ravaged like a cum slut. mostly young but one really great milf. not much for the ladies here, the men are just there for their dicks.

 from Circus
Studio: Vivid

It Is All Anmal Acts.

the "circus" setting is just a stage set with an audience that may not even be in the same stage area and the "ringleader" is a total cornball. but didn't you come for the sex? the sex "acts" may seem to start slow, but they get better and better and wilder and wilder.

 from No Cum Dodging Allowed #6
Studio: Jules Jordan Video


where do they find these women? guess there has to be some super sexed up women out there to make up for tight assed tight lipped ones we meet in real life.

 from Nina Hartley's Private Sessions #15
Studio: Bizarre Video

Better than nothing

About 30% real spanking and 70% pretty mild. Nothing to break a sweat over. Maybe your lady will go for this because it won't be even tender in the morning.

 from Bustful Of Dollars (Disc 1)
Studio: Red Light District

More Of A Butt Full

As they joke in the movie itself, this would be better named a "buttfull" of dollars. And it is really hot to see a lot of women with little tits for a change. Porn has too many plastic boobs, and lots of men get off on flat chested women. These are not exactly flat, but that would be hot to see - women with nothing much but nipples. The story is totally stupid, the dialogue written by an illiterate, but the ass fucking is superb. Sign up for this one.

 from Jackie Browneye
Studio: Heatwave

Love Those Browneyes

This is another great piece of classic porn - you jsut got ot try the old stuff - there is something about it will make your woman wet. Maybe because they are trying to make more of the show than sex. This interracial piece has a better than average story and the only downside is the finale, a striking Amazon bitch is paired with a limp dick.

 from She Bangs! (Disc 1)
Studio: Red Light District

Cops And Reamers

The first scene is very hardcore and not a "couples" fare - shows the grosser side of making a porno. After that, the show mellows, actually a better than average story, and better than average sex. But if the lady starts to get turned off by the porno shoot at the beginning, fast forward to the first lady in uniform.

 from Body Talk
Studio: VCX

Classic Old Porn

This is not so bad as the other reviews said. Good example of the original porn movies, a lot of decent acting, good photography, and a lot of story, more story than needed if you are just looking to jerk off. L:ike watching any old movie, you have to appreciate the beginnings of the genre. This has a romantic quality that your woman will like and you will probably watch most of it before you laid. if your don't have a woman, well go rent a compilation.

 from Tongue In Cheeks
Studio: Seymore Butts

butts for butts

Seymour Butts is one of the best when it comes to butt movies, and this one will not disappoint. Unlike most flicks billed as "all anal" this has all kinds of anal, not just dick in ass.

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