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All Reviews by East Coast Guy
 from 18 And Nasty #44
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Solid Rental

All of the hardcore is decent with the Amber Lee scene the best. She always seems to be into any sex scene and doesn't fake anything. Girls are pretty average in looks, no knockouts on this volume. This is one of the few titles in this long series that does not include interracial sex so I preferred it. This title like many in this series has zero originality by T.T. Boy. Every scene is on the same bed, same mattress and same wood paneling walls; would have helped by changing the setting every now and then. Otherwise, no complaints.

 from Cream Pie Hunnies
Studio: Wildlife

Medicore Title

This is not one of Tyce Bunne's better titles. He usually delivers a solid product. It is true, he shoots inside the girls and then keeps going which turns into a frothy mess. Some of the action is decent but I found the picture quality to be very grainy and not sharp which hurt viewing it.

 from Cream Pie Hunnies #2
Studio: Wildlife

I enjoyed it

The girls Tyce Bunne gets are rather average looking, no stunners or models but they always seem to cream themselves and the camera work is excellent. You can tell the girls are into the sex.

 from I've Never Done That Before #5
Studio: Wildlife

Not that good but not bad either

I found other volumes far better than this one. The girls did not turn me on and the camera work needs improvement. The hardcore sex is usually above average in this series but the girls are at best average looking and very plain.

 from I've Never Done That Before #8
Studio: Wildlife

Some great parts

I agree with most of the reviews, this film brings an intense feeling to it and has some scorching action. Like someone else commented, I can't give it 5 stars because the girls are not really attractive but give me average looking girls anyday who are into the sex. The girls look like they came off the street and performed like first timers.

 from I've Never Done That Before #6
Studio: Wildlife

No cute Girls

The sex is decent in all the scenes and the camera work is not bad either. In addition the girls dressed as cheerleaders in short skirts and sneakers works well. What hurt this is the girls are not attractive. It is like watching an amateur flick with average sex and girls you would not give a second look. My rating....2-1/2 stars.

 from European Teen Dream
Studio: Damaged

Lousy Camera Work

The girls are cute and young, nothing wrong with any of them. But the camera work stinks, it is filmed mostly at a far away distance that you can't enjoy it. Occasionally you will get a close up shot but they quickly revert to shooting from far away. Also, this is in widescreen format so half the picture is blacked out on the top and bottom of the screen. To top it off, picture quality is grainy but tolerable. The director managed to get nice girls but screwed up with the camera people who are clueless.

 from Filthy First Timers #8
Studio: Elegant Angel

This is Awful

This 1997 release has 11 girls and not a single girl turned me on in any way. It may be an amateur title but come on and get at least one cute girl. The sex is lousy and it is interrupted continually to insert toys into each girl or pull beads out of their rear ends. Van Damage directed this and some volumes in this series have good action, this one is a dog. Don't be tricked by the box cover photo as I was fooled by all the smiles on the girls.

 from Reality Teens #4
Studio: Evasive Angles

Series drops off big time

I really liked volumes 1 and 2 from Evasive Angels and gave them 4 stars. Volume 3 was just ok and I gave it 3 stars. On volume 4 it is mostly interracial sex, black guys on white girls. A couple of big porn stars are on this title with Tia Tanaka and Julia Bond and their scenes I did not like at all. They come across as jaded porn stars. The other girls are mostly amateurs/fresh and only one girl did I find cute and they put her in the last scene, no wonder to compensate for the others lack of cuteness. Camera work needs improvement, not enough closeups. Check out volumes 1 or 2, skip volume 4 entirely.

 from Ron Jeremy on the Loose: Venice Beach
Studio: Metro

Ron Jeremy not in any Sex Scene

I'm a big fan of the hedgehog so looked forward to this. Unfortunately, Ron Jeremy is in an oral scene at the very end but not in any other hardcore action. He shows his face continually and there is a lot of frivolous chatter but other male porn stars are used in the action. Taylor Rain is the only cute girl, the rest of the girls are not cute and not young. The sex is not bad but rather bland and not erotic at all.

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