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All Reviews by East Coast Guy
 from I Survived A Rodney Blast #3
Studio: Rodney Moore

Odd But Good

Ultimate nerd Rodney really delivers in this title and the extras are very good. Unlike most of his products he does not play cheap Charlie by ripping us off with skanks or oral only scenes. He has sex in each scene and none of it is bad, most is 3-4 star sex, the Cytherea scene being the best. It is all fun to view and you will not be using the skip button or seldom use the fast forward button. On the downside, he uses that stupid gizmo with springs while having sex with the girls while on top of him and the camera work is done gonzo style too often as if the viewer is in his position. The blast scenes are like a leaky faucet with zero pressure, but this is Rodney, he's an enigma to Porn.

 from I've Never Done That Before #15
Studio: Wildlife

Not Into the Girls

The girls in this series are NOT experienced porn stars and are young which is a good thing. Unfortunately, none of the girls on this volume are cute and none turned me on. The sex is ok but nothing stood out as memorable.

 from I've Never Done That Before #9
Studio: Wildlife

4 Scenes only but ONE very good one

I really liked one scene as you can tell the girls and guys are really into each other. It has two girls paired with two guys: Julie Night, Tabitha Blue, Nick Manning and Nikko Knight. As the other reviewer points out the other three scenes are lousy. The girls on this volume are similar to all the volumes meaning they are just average looking, no knockouts in this series but the hardcore is raunchy.

 from I've Never Done That Before #11
Studio: Wildlife

Loved This- WOW!!!!

This is one of the hottest things I’ve seen in a very long time. Surprised others did not enjoy it as much as I did. You have girls actually creaming, some multiple times from vaginal sex and anal sex and just when you think a scene has ended it resumes. Tyce Bune’s two scenes are awesome and very long ones. The girls dressed in skirts and sneakers are hot. Their bodies and faces are average but the sex is scorching. Bune puts out some great stuff.

 from I've Never Done That Before #12
Studio: Wildlife

Pretty good

This has a couple of good scenes. Brooke Ballentyne and Rio Mariah matched with Tyce Bune is fun and then Holly matched with Bune is decent. The rest is mediocre. The girls dressed as cheerleaders with short skirts is a turn on and above average cream pies make it better than most porn. 3-1/2 stars is what I give it.

 from Screw My Wife Please #25
Studio: Wildlife

Not a Fan of This Series

If you like MILFs you may enjoy this. The women have decent bodies but none are young and none are cute. They get some guy to play the husband of these girls while he gawks at the action. The sex isn't bad but the girls just did nothing for me.

 from Over 18 #7
Studio: Heatwave

Girls have looks of Amateurs

The sex is decent on this title but the girls are not what I'd consider cute or attractive. Camera work needs improvement otherwise I'd have given it 3 stars. This title seems like a Pro-Am theme with male porn stars matched with inexperienced girls.

 from I've Never Done That Before #13
Studio: Wildlife

One outstanding scene

The petite girl on the cover, Thai Angel dressed as a cheerleader is in an awesome scene with Tyce Bunne. She creams a lot. The other action is decent but I was blown away by the Thai Angel scene. It is simply great sex, with great closeup camera work.

 from I've Never Done That Before #16
Studio: Wildlife

About Average

If you like this series it is an ok rental. Amateur Reviewer is correct, it is so so. The girls are not that hot but that is the pattern in this series, regular looking girls usually in short skirts and sneakers. The turn on is the sex is decent. The girls get pounded in this series and look spent with their hair a mess at the end of the action. Camera work was not as good on this volume and the stage settings were flat.

 from 18 And Nasty #44
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Solid Rental

All of the hardcore is decent with the Amber Lee scene the best. She always seems to be into any sex scene and doesn't fake anything. Girls are pretty average in looks, no knockouts on this volume. This is one of the few titles in this long series that does not include interracial sex so I preferred it. This title like many in this series has zero originality by T.T. Boy. Every scene is on the same bed, same mattress and same wood paneling walls; would have helped by changing the setting every now and then. Otherwise, no complaints.

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