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All Reviews by East Coast Guy
 from Over 18 #5
Studio: Heatwave

Typical Don Fernando Action

This isn’t bad but nothing special either. Don Fernando is in 3 scenes and Guy Disilva is in one scene. This 1998 release has a grainy picture and the sex is pretty soft stuff, there is no pounding of the girls so typical these days. The girls are Asian and pretty average looking. Condoms are used in most of the action.

 from Asian Lollipops #5
Studio: Heatwave

It is Mostly Bad

Understand this series, it is amateur Asian girls for the most part or girls that are NOT seasoned porn stars yet matched with long time male porn stars. The girls are almost all petite and at best average looking. The opening scene with Kyle Stone is ok as the girl he is paired with is very fresh. All the rest is lackluster big time and all scenes are very short. There are no extras in this series other than lame photo shots. I viewed one decent, short scene out of it, the rest is garbage.

 from Over 18 #6
Studio: Heatwave

Worth renting for Layla

The Layla scene is excellent but could have been even better if no condom had been used. She is the girl with the high blue socks and white sneakers and it has a sports theme to it, held in a gym. The girls in the other action were ok but didn't turn me on like Layla.

 from Over 18 #10
Studio: Heatwave

Girls are all BORED!!!!!!

The girls are quite cute and have nice bodies but for some reason they all seem disinterested in the sex. Not sure what is going on here but if you don't care to be there you should not waste our time. This is what you get when people are only there for a pay day and have little interest in performing. What a rip off.

 from Teen Idol #2
Studio: Smash

Most of this is Sub Par

I rented this to see petite cutie Jersey Jaxin but her scene is flat with zero passion. She eventually turned on the adult industry, criticizing it all so it may explain why she seemed indifferent to being there. Karina Kay, the girl on the cover is in a decent scene with Brandon Iron. The other girls are not to my liking, just are not cute and did not turn me on. You can do much better than this unless you are a Karina Kay fan, stay away.

 from 18 & Confused #6
Studio: Heatwave

This is Lousy

No wonder this title is offered for sale for only $5, I should have gotten the hint. The girls are not at all cute and everyone seems bored during the sex. I've seen Brandy Starz before on the title Itty Bitty Titty Cheerleaders volume 2 and her cheerleader scene is great and worth checking out that title. On this 18 & Confused title, all the scenes are bland. They offer a bonus movie on this DVD if you have a DVD ROM drive on your computer to play it. I don't so am out of luck. If the bonus movie is anything like the feature, I didn't miss much anyway.

 from 18 & Confused #8
Studio: Heatwave

World Record Viewing Time

This is so bad I watched it all in less than 3 minutes on the fast-forward speed and using the skip button. The girls are unattractive and I don't know how they recruited them let alone what studio would book these girls is beyond my understanding. The sex lacks any emotion or energy and everyone seems bored just wanting to get it over with. Like on other volumes they offer a bonus movie but you need a DVD ROM drive on your computer to see it which I don't have. This has just about everything I hate about porn, bland girl on girl action, toy playing, raunchy anal sex and zero enthusiasm by the girls and guys. Also, don't bother with volume #6, I viewed it and reviewed it moments ago and it too is awful. I just saved you two wasted rentals. Your welcome.

 from A Cum Shooting Stud Named Rocco
Studio: Anabolic

A lot of Action & 2 Great Scenes

They give a lot of action on this double sided DVD. There are five scenes with two that are excellent. Rocco with the super cute, petite Shawnee Cates from the 1993 title Little Magicians is special. Picture quality is very grainy otherwise it is a 5 star scene. Then the brunette Italian girl on the cover with Rocco is Ophelia Tozzy and her scene is from the 1993 title Backdoor to the City of Sin and it is hot. There is a lot of anal sex on this compilation but this is Anabolic studio so is to be expected. The trailers on the backside of this disc include 20 other titles from Anabolic. It is worth viewing just for all the trailers and the two above average scenes.

 from Super Size Meat
Studio: Wicked

Fast forwarded all of it

I didn't care for any of this. It is entirely skanky looking jaded porn stars who are indifferent to the sex. None of the girls are cute and there is too much condom use and interracial scenes- a lot of black guys on white girls in this compilation. I pressed the skip button almost immediately on a number of scenes. Not a single thing appealing so I think it deserves one star.

 from Amateur Extravaganza #5
Studio: Odyssey

Very Underrated

I don't understand why all the low ratings. Picture quality is very sharp and this is pre-1995 material. These are true amateurs and/or swingers. I found the early volumes in this long series to be among the better ones. Several scenes are excellent although you never know when the camera will shift away.

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