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All Reviews by East Coast Guy
 from Easy Prey #1
Studio: Smash

Not Bad But Girls Nothing Special

I found Kayla Marie to be the only cute girl and her scene is decent with some wet sex. Jazmin, the East-Indian girl, is matched with porn star Brandon Iron and it is ok but she needs to stop the overreacting with the constant moans and groans as it soon became annoying. The girl girl scene is one to skip and none of the other girls are that attractive nor is the hardcore action anything special. I didn’t understand why they put Keri Sable on the cover, she’s not nearly as cute as Kayla Marie nor was her scene as good. The camera guy does suck as Slant69 mentioned, but I've seen far worse these days.

 from Only 18 But Always Horny
Studio: Smash

Finger on the Fast Forward Button Title

I watched this entire title in less than 10 minutes. The girls may be young but none turned me on and the sex is passionless, robotic and uninspiring. Rick Masters is in a couple of scenes along with other male porn stars. Just a days work for these people and a wasted rental for me.

 from Paradise Of Japan #22
Studio: Oriental Dream

Helicopter Man? Give me a Break

Who invented this novelty? Ok, the guy can do a full 360 while keeping his pecker in the girl, big f-in deal. Many tiny girls known as spinners can also do a full 360 while penetrated. The girls have decent bodies but they do no acrobatics, just lay there. The main feature plays fine and is very clear but I could not play the trailers and tried on two players but it jammed one player causing me to have to power off and on multiple times just to eject the stinking DVD and froze my other player too. Don't dare try to play the trailers, it must be a design glitch.

 from Teen Idol #1
Studio: Oriental Dream

One dripping wet girl

Nothing special here, one very wet girl but the girls didn't turn me on. For some reason these Japanese girls close their eyes once the sex begins and they stay shut. It is your standard Japanese flick with condoms used in most action.

 from Teen Hitchhikers #1
Studio: CinemaPlay

Lilly Thai Needs to Shut up

I did not care for the girls on this title at all. There is one cute blonde girl while all the rest just did not appeal to me. The sex is at best just average. Lilly Thai with her constant, loud dirty talk is simply annoying. I don’t understand how anyone would enjoy listening to that. She has a nice body but so what.

 from 18 And Nasty #42
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good & Bad

As the description says, Lexi does have a face of a goddess but shows little enthusiasm and comes across as bored. The Elise scene with T.T. Boy was decent but her tattoos have to go. And, the Goldie Coxxx scene is excellent although she isn’t really cute, the hardcore action is very wet and long. The other performers I didn’t care to see. I enjoy the Asian Street Hookers series far more than the 18&Nasty series. You can preview some of them in the Trailers section and defintely worth checking out.

 from Art School Sluts
Studio: VCA

Something Different

All the scenes are good and the hardcore action has energy to it, no wonder it is so popular. You can tell they put effort into making this.

 from Homegrown Video #598
Studio: Homegrown Video

Flat Volume

I found nothing appealing with this volume and I am a big amateur fan. Homegrown Video puts out a lot of bland volumes and is not selective what it will distribute. Anyone who wants to appear on film can do so. Look elsewhere as this is a waste of time and a wasted rental.

 from Teen Idol #1
Studio: Smash

Girls look very Skanky

If you like cute girls this one will not deliver. The girls look like skanky porn stars, are loaded with makeup and not at all innocent or fresh looking. Paris Lee creaming during her scene with Rick Masters was the only standout which I enjoyed, the rest I found unappealing.

 from Little Bratz #3
Studio: Precious Video

Lousy piece of crap

Only 3 girls and zero extras on this title. They really put very little effort into this one. Only Violet Skye did I find cute but her scene was lethargic, has no passion and she is as enthusiastic as a dead fish.

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