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All Reviews by East Coast Guy
 from Teens Revealed #1
Studio: Platinum X

Dry Girls Not a Turn On

I didn't find any of these girls to be cute. Kitty is usually fun to see as she has such a youthful tiny body but she was bone dry during the sex. Ann Harlow usually has a big bush but her scene with two guys was bland. For some peculiar reason, her scene begins with the cumshot and you have to hit the reverse key to get to the beginning of her scene. Some editing flaw took place when they put this together obviously. All of the girls have tons of gaudy makeup on their faces and look much older than they claim to be.

 from Asian Street Hookers #13
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

I Did Not Like this Volume

There are 4 scenes and there is no T.T. Boy. Two scenes are Black guys on Asian girls. The girls are at best average looking. None are what I consider cute.

 from Asian Street Hookers #27
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Best Asian Series

This volume is above average and I've seen just about all in this series. It begins with volume 18 or 19 with short action shots lasting a half minute and works its way up to this volume 27. The girls are nothing special looking but the sex is very good. These girls always seem to cream in this series and are fresh amateurs who are into it. The highlight on this one is T.T. Boy in a scene with three girls, none of which are shaven.

 from Asian Street Hookers #31
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Sub Par for this series

I'm a big fan of this series. TT Boy usually has at least one cute girl on each volume but on this #31 none of the girls turned me on. The hardcore is ok but nothing special. I enjoyed reading the short bios that TT Boy writes on each girl but didn't find anything that sizzles like it often does in this series.

 from Asian Street Hookers #33
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Not One of the Better Volumes

I've viewed nearly all volumes in this series and this one is not up to par. The sex is decent, most of it wet sex too which is good, but I did not find any of these girls to be attractive whatsoever. I just could not get into any of these girls. At best they are average looking and I will leave it at that.

 from Asian Street Hookers #23
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Not one of the better volumes

This was shot in the Phillipines and it is obvious T.T. Boy put little effort into it. A total of 7 girls but only three scenes. The girls look like amateurs off the street, at best are just average in looks and it was shot in a hotel bedroom. Picture quality is grainy, lighting is substandard and there are no extras other than some gallery shots. The girls look nervous and at the same time bored and they just sit there until they are picked. It is uninspired sex.

 from Twisted Cheerleader Tryouts #2
Studio: Erotic Angel

What a Load of Garbage

Indeed, members know best. None of these girls look like cheerleaders and they quickly strip them of their clothes that loses the theme. The sex is all stale and passionless. If a director is going to make a cheerleader theme product, he should recruit girls who at least fit the role and be able to put them in a uniform that looks like an actual cheerleader. This is just low budget slop to crank out a title with zero effort.

 from Harry Horndog Anal Orgy # 2
Studio: Zane

Good Action but Terrible Camera Work

This film was produced in 1992 and the orgy itself has a lot of energy to it with enthusiastic performers and a lot of smiles from the girls. It has one very cute asian girl while the rest are just average at best in looks. I've seen most of these performers in a number of amateur titles. What turned me off big time is the idiot director, Harry Horndog aka John T. Bone who is clueless how to film an orgy. Performers are on top of each other which is understandable during a DP otherwise is inexcusable. I see people getting in the way of the camera, people blocking the action with their bodies.... backs, arms, heads and you can't tell who is having sex with whom most of the time. It is 4 star sex with 1 star camera work hence I rated it overall as 3 stars.

 from Asian Street Hookers #37
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

An Average Volume

The hardcore action is ok but nothing special. The girls on this volume are not at all cute. Usually I find at least one special girl but on this volume none of them turned me on. The sex is mediocre in all the scenes.

 from Assy #4
Studio: JM Productions

Very Cute Tennis Girl

I will view anything with a cute tennis girl in a skirt and sneakers but they ruined her scene by matching her with Billy Glide, ugh!!!! The hardcore throughout is not bad but nothing special. The girl on the cover is all I cared to view, too bad they didn't make the whole volume about her.

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