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All Reviews by East Coast Guy
 from Curse Of The Catwoman
Studio: VCA

It STINKS- Curse is on Viewers

Why is this so overrated? There is nothing erotic in it. The sex scenes stink. The girls look skanky with nasty hair doos, every single one of them. It is closer to a 1 star rating than even a 2 star film. Much of this is filmed in dark lighting so you can't even clearly see the hardcore action. Every now and then I am at a loss why a film is rated so much higher than what it deserves, it doesn't happen that often but pops up from time to time. On this title it happened. Pass on this fecal crap.

 from Asian Lollipops #1
Studio: Heatwave

Average Sex

This is a 2001 release and has 8 scenes. Two scenes I liked as the girls seem into it, the other 6 are nothing worthwhile. The picture quality is very grainy on this volume as are on most in this series. Don Fernando is in most of the action. The girls are all very average looking and most are petite. There are a lot of extras but none of it is good. Other than Sabrine Maui, the other girls don't have much experience in adult films and all have natural bodies. I would rate it about 2-1/2 stars to be fair.

 from North Pole #22
Studio: New Sensations

Judy Star is by far the Best

This volume is not bad but it is nothing special. I enjoyed the Judy Star/Peter North scene. She is one of very few girls who if you saw in public would make you look twice she is that stunning looking with hair down to her waist. Not a big deal but worth noting, when you go to play the Trailers you see instructions to flip the DVD to play them. The problem is this is a single sided DVD so you can't play the Trailers. When they reproduced this title they forgot to use a double sided DVD. Oh well.

 from Debbie Does Dallas
Studio: VCX

Terrific Cast Of Girls

Quite good but nothing really sizzled like I expected from all the rave reviews and hype from the adult world. The picture and sound quality is excellent for an old movie. The hardcore scene in the shower is by far the best but the other sex scenes had too much oral and not enough straight sex. It was almost a big tease because several of the girls are super cute but only performed oral when I was dying to see them get screwed. It is still a must see if you love the classics. Also, I really enjoyed the trailers, watch them first, then go to the main feature.

 from Strokin' Pokin' & Lickin'
Studio: Al Borda

Most Girls have no business in Porn

I rented this to see the super petite blonde named Little Cinderella and she is in the only passable scene and matched with Max Hardcore. The scene soon turns into anal sex which ruins it but I knew it was coming with Max in the scene. The other girls are not at all attractive and the sex is bland.

 from Virgin Heat
Studio: Classic X

Typical 80s Classic

This is a 1986 release and is not bad. My only complaint is the cast of girls are very average looking, none are what I would consider to be very attractive or cute. There are 7 scenes and the picture quality is pretty good. Most of the sex is wet sex. The better action has Peter North in three of the scenes and matched with Gail Force, Keisha and a blonde girl named Shelly Sand who had limited experience in adult films. The Peter North cum shots splattering all over the girls is the best part.

 from Miscreants
Studio: Elegant Angel

Stephanie Swift and The Skanks

I only found Stephanie Swift appealing, the rest of the girls did nothing for me and are NOT attractive. Stephanie's scene had potential to be great but the camera work is horrible with stuttering film motion, bad angles and too short on the hardcore action. If you are a Stephanie fan, look elsewhere, this could have been special but turned into a disappointment.

 from Night Shift Nurses
Studio: VCA

Mostly 80s Junk

This is a 1987 release and the cast of girls is tolerable considering this is the decade of skanky women and bad hair. Sheena Horne is the only cute girl. Hardcore action is fair at best but too short and camera angles are poorly filmed. I hate it when they make a nurse theme title and then put them in high heel shoes. What nurse wears high heels on the job? Make it real or at the very least feel real else don't even bother. Picture quality is decent for a classic. Two stars is being generous but I've seen far worse from the 80s.

 from Erotic World Of Renee Summers, The
Studio: LBO

Good and Bad

This studio put zero effort into making this. There are no chapters, no extras and not even a menu. You get a black screen when you insert the DVD and 15 seconds later it just plays. Picture quality is sharp, especially for the 80s and if you like Renee Summers it is worth viewing. This compilation is from hardcore scenes when Renee Summers began her career, ages 22 and 23. Camera angles are lacking and scenes are way too short. For some reason she is loaded with makeup in all the action which takes away from her real life clean, fresh look. Nothing on here is her best work. The guys matched with her are the same prolific porn stars from that era.

 from Dirty Little Sex Brats #7
Studio: Odyssey


I rented this for Lena Ramon who is dressed as a cheerleader and in a 2 girls on one guy scene. Unfortunately this title is pretty bad, the girls are not at all cute and nothing is worthwhile. The sex scenes have no energy and condoms are used in most action. It deserves about 1-1/2 stars, slightly better than awful.

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