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All Reviews by Dvdfreak
 from Black Cum 'N White Girlz #2
Studio: West Coast

Good Show!

if you enjoy watching huge black cocks getting crammed into white pussies, this video is for you. the action is quite hot, although the female performer in the first scene seems to go over the top a bit vocally. if you're looking for a flick with messy cream pies, this one isn't for you. all of the scenes (with the exception of one) are internal shots, most in the pussy, but the movie suffers from the "slam it home when cuming" problem. namely, that most of the cum is shot so deep inside the women, that it never really has a fighting chance to leak out. anyway, a good rent, just for the huge cocks stretching tight white pussies.

 from Screw My Wife Please #14
Studio: Wildlife

Pretty Weak

If it weren't for the old geezer host in every damn scene, this would be watchable. But his inane comments throughout the flick kill the mood, even when the women are getting screwed quite nicely.

 from 50 Guy Cream Pie
Studio: Devil's Films

Not What I Expected

If you're into watching guys who suffer from performance anxiety, this is your tape. Most of the actual screwing scenes were done by a pro, the rest of them attempt to get in, only to lose their erection and step aside for the next limp dick. Seriously, haven't these guys heard of viagra?

 from Double Filled Cream Teens
Studio: Devil's Films

Worst I Have Ever Seen!

Bar none, the worst video I have ever seen. The female performers were pretty good, it was the two main male performers that doomed this flick. They treated the women in such a demeaning manner. I swear, they got off more jamming their fingers into these women's pussies and anuses more than actually having sex. And when they did have sex, it was laughable. Neither of them could ever get a decent pace going, but did 3 strokes, stop a few seconds, do another couple of strokes, stop again. I couldn't tell if they were attempting to tease her or if they were about to cum all those times so they had to stop. Overall, a real weak show, I wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy.

 from Inseminated By 2 Black Men #2
Studio: Kick Ass

One Of The Best In This Genre

If you like big black dicks, pounding sweet white women, and culminating in some great creampies, then this is your video.

 from Three For All #3
Studio: New Sensations

Nothing Special

Pretty mediocre, expect for the last woman. She's got a beautiful pussy...and seems to get into it...kinda has that wholesome country girl, gone city slut look to her.

 from Screw My Wife Please #42
Studio: Wildlife


nothing real special here, one scene stuck in my mind. one of the wives seems to really get off on bad mouthing and putting down her hubby while she's banged by another guy (pathetic in my opinion, she should be kissing his ass for allowing her this pleasure). if you're into cuckold fantasies, that scene might be enough for you to rent this thing. otherwise, i wouldn't recommend it. oh yeah, there's an old geezer "host" in every damn scene, and he's always talking while the wives are banging, quite distracting, to both the women and the viewer. gave me the impression of some dirty old pervert, hehe.

 from Natural Bush #18
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Pretty Good!

If you're into hairy pussies, this series is for you. Some nice internal cum shots too.

 from Inseminated By 2 Black Men #6
Studio: Kick Ass

Great Rent

I've found this series to be excellent, overall, but this one is the best so far. Great creampie scenes, and the women really get into the guys cumming inside of them, urging them on and the like. Recommended if you like watching big black cocks squeezing into sweet white pussies, and then cum dripping out.

 from Sloppy Seconds #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Ok, Nothing Special

Not what I would really call sloppy seconds, or maybe the second guy just didn't have it in him to whip up the cream, I don't know. Not a bad DVD, but not a good one either.

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