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All Reviews by Dubldee
 from Grrl Power! #2
Studio: Kick Ass

Worn out and Over-exposed. Should be deleted from Rental option. Released date is 2001.

 from Cream Pie Blowout #1
Studio: Pink Visual

DVD appears to be compliations from old series of these titles. Grainey, worn out, and audio out of sync with scenes.

 from Myplace #4
Studio: Greedy

Absolute Goofy GARGAGE!!!

I agree with the previous re-viewer. I rented for Ashlynn Brooke and am amazed she would be in such a "idiotic" Video. I am aware there are viewers that rent this CRAP, but to me is a replusive type of Video. The 18/20 mins of the Intro is several tatooed, ring pierced, goofy guys sitting on a Patio drinking, smoking (funny stuff), and giggly banter of the upcoming "Scenes". The behind the camera "idiot" with the (set-up) is a total clown. He not only makes no sense in his diatribe, but his high pitched chuckle/laugh is irritating and obnoxious. The Scenes, (when finally begin), are stupid and Video lighting goes over-exposed to dark and the "Cameraman" bouces around way to much and loses any sense of what is being presented. I recommend to Members, don't waste your time on this jr-high GARBAGE!!!

 from Teens With Glasses
Studio: FilmCo

Old, worn out video. Looks like various scenes from reject video's.. The "plot's", set-ups, etc., were strickly very amateurish..

 from Sadie & Friends #1
Studio: Digital Sin


What a disappointment.. Rented this Title primarily for Natalie Norton and somewhat for Sadie West. Natalie's scene was RUINED, in my opinion, by her Male performer James Deen. I, like a lot of Re-Viewers have had it with this guy. His moves are almost to the second, predictable. Slapping, Chocking, Clit stroking with his boney skinny fingers, and somewhat vocal in telling the Girl how to move like he is the Director. The scene with Sadie West is also boring with this butt-ugly Alex Gonz. He too repeats his same type of moves in every scene I could stand to watch him in. Kissy, kissy with his fat lips, some penetration then kissy kissy penetration then kissy kissy penetration then as predictable in cowgirl finger in the ass, then kissy, kissy. The other 3 Female performers are in their mid/late twenty's and should have retired years ago. One with bad stretch marks, and one with tummy over=hang. For me anyway, a wasted Rental.

 from Scary Big Dicks
Studio: Hustler


I don't write many reviews but this is an absolute idiotic, stupid, DVD from Hustler in my opinion. All scenes are an much the same in intro/script and replusive to view. The behind the camera voice in set-up is of junior-high caliber. Stupid opening questions to the female performer, and it get's worse when the scene starts. I rented Title mainly for Stephanie Sage but her male partner completely destroyed the scene with his replusive acting. The other scenes, (2) with Lee Stone and (2) with Alex Gonz are even worse. It's too bad for the Girl's are well known and an insult to their talent. For Member's, I would recommend don't waste a rental for crap like this...

 from Barely Legal #100
Studio: Hustler

Garbage / Renter Beware

Am very dis-appointed again with the newer additions of The Barely Legal series. Since the passing of Director of Clive McClean (Barely Legal #50) being his last, this enjoyable series has gone in toilet. Of approx 40 or so I've rented in the last year, with rare exception, all are ** at best. Notably #90 to present do have decent female cast but male performers ruin any chance of decent Rental. Script is stupid, no real dialogue except oh,aw,oh,yes,oh,aw. BTS is idiotic questions sometimes lasting 10 minutes with some, but each interview boring and grade-school rated. Directors ie: Erica McClean, Matti Klatt, and most others use same scene basic boring format positions, each scene almost to the seconds. NO professional filming at best. Most DVD'S are low grade quality, Video is over/under exposed and varies each scene. Audio is not consistant (low then high,etc;) This Video #100 is the last for me in this Series. With exception 1 female might qualify "Barely Legal" but the others have past on to Mature Class. One in particular has to pushing 30. Not only I rate *, my advice to others, PASS, DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME!!!

 from Hometown Girls #2
Studio: Hustler


Been a Member off/on for over 4 years and hundreds of Titles rented, this Title has to be the most boring, stupid, excuse for a "Hometown" Girl ever produced. I very rarely write a review but to me this a insult from Hustler for at least a coherent DVD. I rented only because of the cast of female stars. The male talent is worn-out and to me "losers". The Director, Script Writers, Dialogue, are junior high-school level. The Scenes are all essentially same format for each. The Director must have filmed on a "Tripod" (very little movement) and mostly side angles. Opening dialogues are stupid then thru the scenes is mostly "oh, ah, yes, oh, ah, yes, etc;. Male actors mostly "grunt" as their dialogue. Video quality is very bad, over/under exposed thru most scenes. It's obvious DVD is low-quality disc. Hustler to me really gone "cheap", blow the Video"s out fast, and has lost their Production edge in the Industry. They should be ashamed of this type of "garbage" but I'm sure they could care less. PASS ON THIS SERIES!!!

 from Scary Big Dicks #3
Studio: Hustler

Overexposed Video Quality

Video quality is too overexposed to enjoy Scenes. This is becoming a real problem with Hustler in past year or so. It appears Hustler is trying to pump out Video's en-mass and using low grade DVD blanks. Video and Audio along with good Directors, Scene Writers, and dialogues have gone in the TOILET!!!!! Most female Performers are still "HOT" but male Performers are mostly worn out has-beens and tatooed losers that spoil most Scenes.

 from Barely Legal: It Barely Fits
Studio: Hustler


Been a Member off and on over 3 years and this is only 5th time I've reviewed a Title, and the 3rd about Hustler. Their Title's recently have gone in the toilet. As with the prior review's the Director's are amatuerish, scripts and dialogue are stupid, Male performers are all over-the hill losers and butt-ugly. I rented only for certain Female performers but are ruined by the "ilk" of this low-grade Movie. The video is over/under exposed, audio is low/high, the DVD is of cheap quality. Ive had it with Hustler and recent rip-off Video's.

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