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All Reviews by Drview
 from Skin To Skin
Studio: Bacchus

The Real Thing

some say "bareback" and aren't, but this one is, and the sex is not "acted" but enjoyed.

 from Butthole Pirates #3
Studio: Heatwave


A bunch of unattractive foreigners unable to perform any interesting sex. I didn't finish watching this one.

 from Sex Psycho
Studio: Arena

Hot To Watch

Better than most. The hotest scene is the dental office lobby. Watch the pedestrian outside slowly walk by. Can you believe he can't see in as the two hot, nude men have sex?

 from Desires Of Men
Studio: Arena

Hot In Some Places

The first scene is very hot! It cools down a bit for the remaining scenes, but is still worth renting and watching.

 from Ryker's Web
Studio: Arena

Mechanical Sex

this movie has almost no dialogue or "dirty" talk. it has the most irritating music soundtrack. the bods are attractive, but passionless. not the best ryker film.

 from Lessons In Lust
Studio: Arena

Mechanical Sex

Lots of humping in a foreign language by not particularly sexy men. Not the kind of movie that will hold your attention or cause you to hold anything else.

 from Bareback Boyfriends #1
Studio: GAI


For the most part these couples really seem to enjoy each other and sex together. The first and the last couples are the best. Worth renting.

 from Bareback Way, The
Studio: IAAV

Hotest Yet

while you shouldn't practice "bareback" you can safely watch it on video, and this is the one to watch. the first three episodes are so hot i was afraid my player would burn up. the fourth is much cooler but sweet. wish the loud "crash" had been edited out as it is a bit startling. rent this one for sure.

 from Married Men
Studio: Arena

Hot Enough

For the most part good, hot sex. Just wish there were subtitles so I could learn Portuguese.

 from Bachelor Party
Studio: U.S. Male

Boys In Brazil

Movie is shot in Brazil and has English subtitles. Hot sex scenes are plentiful, but the lighting could have been a bit better. Worth renting.

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