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All Reviews by DreamOrDo
 from Sex Island
Studio: Adam & Eve

unexciting fantasy

a fair attempt at setting up a fantasy situation--couple and others mixing and matching on an island resort--filmed on location in caribbean--although scenery resembled southern california. However, sex mostly unexciting, unappetizing. Best scene, briefly erotic, was Vanda being enjoyed (and enjoying) by several (too soon reduced to one) on a table in a pretty garden. Tera is pretty too, but her sex scenes only so-so in this movie.

 from Asian Fever #4
Studio: Hustler

some pretty erotic scenes

One of the better porn flicks I have seen. I saw the vhs edition a few years back. In the dvd I could swear they cut out a few seconds of the first scene by the pool: where she lets the towel drop, exposing her breasts, while they kiss and he slides his hand between her legs. Some editor had little sense as to what is erotic. However, the bonus scene, one of the best girl-girl scenes I have seen, more than makes up for that bad clipping job.

 from Barefoot Confidential #24
Studio: Kick Ass

pretty girls amused

I didn't know this was going to be pitched towards foot-fetishists. I am not one, but fortunately the girls revealed other parts of their bodies adequately (although Demi Marx does not get screwed--only fingered briefly). The girls seemed to find it amusing and fun to play their roles in scenes in which they were turning on foot-fetishist partners. For the most part, I, however, was not very turned on. Probably the most arousing scene was the one with Domino--she actually seemed to have an orgasm. I give the film a 3 rather than a 1 or 2 because all 4 girls were pretty, and the scenarios were also kind of cute. Angel Long is gorgeous. Unfortunately, the way she behaved--very agressive, spitting, snarling, shouting, grimacing--turned me off. She didn't convince me that she was getting very turned on either.

 from Chica Boom #20
Studio: Kick Ass

cute, but mostly not too arousing

The girls are all quite pretty, but only one of the 5 seems likely to be truly a Latina. For the most part, they seem to carry their skit acting into the sex, which makes it less convincing that they are getting into it. Cindi Lee, however, lets go and convinces me. She is the least Latin looking, but is young, fresh, luscious.

 from Asian Fever #5
Studio: Hustler

not too bad

Some of the girls are pretty cute. The one going by the name of "Ganja" in the scene with two guys (including double penetration), is exceptionally attractive. Her facial expressions while getting pleasure are a joy to watch.

 from Real College Girls #19
Studio: Hustler

kind of boring

2 or 3 of the women are quite attractive, but the action is mostly boring. Part of the problem is the sex is on a porch bench or in a rocky part of the woods, which portrays a nice fantasy, but keeps the girl in a slightly awkward position where she can't move much.

 from Tsumugi (Special Edition)
Studio: Pink Eiga

well-made softcore

A real movie, which held my interest. Excellent, believable acting by all, including the cute star, Aoi, who apparently has been in many hardcore flicks in Japan. This Eiga film, however, is softcore. Some of the sex scenes were fairly erotic/arousing, but not extremely.