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All Reviews by Doc
 from Chicks & Salsa #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Goes Well With Beer..

I'm giving this 4 stars because although it wass overall 2 stars, the scene with Jenaveve Jolie is really fucking good. And she's so fucking hot. The rest is ok, with the runner-up being Rio Mariah.

 from I Wanna Get Face Fucked #1
Studio: Anabolic

Exactly As It Sounds...

I have to admit, I rented this for exactly what it described. It might be a little rough- especially when the girls yak all over the place.... a little much. But there are times it's pretty hot. Melissa Lauren is insane.

 from Takin' One For The Team
Studio: Wicked

Ok- This Is A Good Compilation

Hot chicks, hard bodies. Pretty damn good. There's a lot here, and most of it is really good.

 from Udder Insanity
Studio: Wicked

Udderly Boobtastic!

4 hours of big tits. If you're into it, this is a great disc. It's great vivid stars, and even the two girl-girl scenes are pretty hot. I don't think there are any REAL boobs here, but I kinda like that. If you're into real boobs, this is NOT your tape. Great cumshot recap too.

 from Red On Top And Wet All Over
Studio: Wicked


Old scenes, bad lighting compilation. I thought red-heads were supposed to be exciting. ALL of the scenes in this are boring.

 from Chimmi My Chonga
Studio: Wicked

Very Awesome!!

Great; hot chicks, good scenes. If you like the women listed here, this is a great compilation.... and 4 HOURS!!!!

 from Kick Ass Chicks #15: Taylor Rain
Studio: Kick Ass

Taylor Is Hot.. But.....

Here's the thing with Taylor Rain- She's SMOKING hot, long legs, deep throat, willing to do anything. BUT- She's too dumb to act like she likes it. Her moans are SO forced, and it is too obvious that she's just saying stuff like in a recording. And if you get around to watching the extras on the DVD, you'll see how bullshit she is. So, although I still love her, and would nail the hell out of her, there's a little something missing.

 from Blondes From Behind
Studio: Wicked

Not As Good As You'd Expect

this is a 4-hour compilation from wicked, and i expected to see some of the hotter, well-known chicks. not the case. there are a couple; sana fey does it for me big-time, and jill kelly's thrown in, but most of the girls i've never heard of before. also, the more appropriate title would have been "blondes in the behind"- but that's not a complaint, just very anal. overall, it's pretty good- considering it is four hours, there's a good 20 minutes in it.

 from Humping 9 To 5
Studio: Wicked

I Wanna Work Here!!

Great compilation of office scenes. Wicked Hot chicks work it well. I think I'm gonna get more of these Wicked compilations!

 from Make It A Triple
Studio: Wicked

Good Compilation

Some great scenes, and it's 4 nice hours!!! There really are some great moments here, nd I ordered it figuring I couldn't go wrong. It was all threesomes, which was cool. I maybe would have liked more facials... but that's for another compilation!!

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