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All Reviews by Doc
 from Think Outside The Box
Studio: Wicked

Wicked Is Pretty Good!

A FOUR-HOUR compilation has GOT to have some good stuff in it. It's mainly a Wicked compilation, anal scenes, with some good talent. My favorite scene is Miko Lee. If you like these Wicked vids, then you'll dig it, but I think it's a little tame for me...

 from Everybody's Doin' It
Studio: Wicked

Three-Somes Are Fun!

Pretty good compilation. I like most of the wicked comps, some suck, and this one is pretty good.

 from My PlayToy #3
Studio: Smash

Not Great

As far as the interactivbe thing goes, this is kinda lame. The only thing it hasgoing for it is Lauren Phoenix, who is a hottie cake!

 from Big Ass Tits #5
Studio: Devil's Films

Meh- Not Too Inspired

i've been having bad lick renting lately. i was really excited about this title, because of who's in it- miko lee, jessica jewel, and some other big-tit queens. however, this production company, "devil's films" just seems to be about a bunch of black guys being uninspired gang bangers. just booooooring, mostly 'cuz the guys were bored. a least that's what i saw. i could watch miko lee do her taxes and get off, but even her scene was mediocre. oh- unless you're a foot fetishist- she does a whole lot with that. so, kinda boring, and there are other better films to watch.

 from Jenna's Invasion Of The Booty Snatchers
Studio: Wicked

Actually, Just Ok....

The scenes in this 4-HOUR comp are kinda just ok. No scene is really that great, and there are PLENTY of good 4-Hour comps. I don't get how for 4 hours the scenes aren't that great. I guess the ones that ARE good have Stormy, she's hot. There are a few lesbian scenes, but those bore me. There's a Jenna from Satyr, and a few wacked out ones.... it's OK...

 from Sex Ahoy!
Studio: Wicked

Shove Off...

I tend to like these compilations,but this one is pretty weak. Thankfully they have a coupla good Jenna scenes, but not really worth it.

 from Share The Load #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Sharing Is For Communists!

I like 3rd degree stuff, and this one is pretty good. I'd say the actual sex wasn't that great, but the chicks are all really hot. I gave it a 4 instead of a three because of the quality of chicks. I would have given it a three for the sex.

 from Wetter The Better
Studio: 3rd Degree

Wetter The Much Better!

if you're into tease, this is your disc- all the "wet" scene stuff happens, then the chicks get naked, dry, and fuck. that's cool. melissa lauren is hot as usual, and dare i say it- gentle? aria is just trying hard to gett off- which is wet also, and the other chicks are pretty good. for a 3rd degree disc, it's somehow calmer, but still hot. i like 3rd degree quite a bit- if you see any previews for this disc, and you like it- get it.

 from What Gets You Off... #1
Studio: 3rd Degree

Cyhterea Fans Unite!!

I rarely give 5 stars, but the final scene with Cytherea- if you're into her- is A-FREAKIN-MAZING. She is orgasming the whole time, and the dude is just enthused as hell. Great scene. The rest is good too, and would deserve a good rating, but that Cythera scene... go-LLE!!!!!

 from Azz Fest #1
Studio: Video Team

Belladonna And Cherokee...

The Belladonna scene is the best, definitely, but the Cherokee scene is pretty good too. She is so super-hot and tiny... spinners are fun! If you like Belladonna, this is a great scene.

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