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All Reviews by Doc
 from I Love It Rough! #3
Studio: Brandon Iron Productions

Rented It Again!

I rented this again because I kept remembering the last scene- hot and kinda rough, but somehow the women were the aggressors- hot.

 from Deep Inside Teri Weigel
Studio: Dreamland

Skip It

Although I love her, this disc is just a bad 5-scene vhs to dvd transfer. 5 scenes, none of them particularly great.

 from Shay's Cherries
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

My Cherries Amor!

Lots of scenes here, too many lesbian scenes for me, but the others were great, so it's ok. No Shay with a guy though... if that's what you want, get a different disc.

 from Sunset Strip
Studio: Dreamland

Not Bad- Cute Story

That is not to say that I WATCHED the plot points of the movie, but every once in a while I saw Randy spears make some funny face- ASIDE from the ones when he's fucking. The scene with Jewel D'nyle is pretty hot, as is the scene with Stevie. Stevie is so gorgeous.. The Allysin Embewrs scene is OK... not her best. Overall, one of those porns with a story; a movie with some sex in it.

 from Incredible Gulp, The
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Gulp It Up!

Good flick- I really only got it for Taylor Rain, and she's well worth it alone. The others are OK...

 from Virgin Surgeon #2
Studio: Zero Tolerance

I Need Cock- Stat!

Here's the thing with this video- The chicks are hot- really hot- but the action is kinda.... unspirited. Maybe I'm getting spoiled from all of the great 3rd degree films I've been watching, but this was missing something exciting.

 from A 2 M #1
Studio: Anabolic

Just Enter Your Pin

Belladona is a machine. I really don't care about the ATM part of this disc, and there IS plenty for you fans; I'm way into the sex though- hot. The belladona scene is the best, as she gets railed well.

 from Gutter Mouths #16
Studio: JM Productions

Allysin Embers Is A Filthy Slut..

I like this series, just 'cuz I'm into filthy sluts. Allysin Embers does it for me- she;s got an incredible bosy, and she takes it in the ass like a champ. In fact, her scene is in a boxing ring! The british chick in this is pretty hot too, her accent is good, but she seems to forget to talk! Almost a 4 star, but not quite.

 from Caution: Your Azz Is In Danger #5
Studio: West Coast

Meh- Only Worth Aurora

Meh- not too good; the scene with Aurora Snow is good- she's nasty, but the rest is so-so...

 from Brandon Iron's Rampage #3
Studio: West Coast

Hard Hitting....

i think i like this video more than the other guys, and frankly, it has me worried. i like it more when the chicks are into the hard stuff, and "friday" (i think that's her name) seems to do a good job. i think this is a pretty good video if you're into trhat hard stuff, and kianna is just too fuckin' hot to not watch it.

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