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All Reviews by Dmsr
 from Big White Wet Butts #4
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good Stuff

all and all, some good scenes. naomi proves why she's the new big butt "it girl". her mega butt is tight and mouth-watering. if only someone would tell her to stop constantly staring at the camera like a robot, she'll be a major star. luscious lopez gives her typical low-key performance, but with that amazing ass of her's, i still don't care. and (proud to be a) super slut kami andrews makes an appearance and gives it 110% as usual.

 from Desperate Mothers & Wives #3
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good Stuff

I really dug this flick. The scenarios were cheesy but kept my interest and the ladies were pretty hot. For me, this flick was all about Autumn, a real swinging mom who also happens to do porn on the side (make sure you watch her behind-the-scenes interview). Her thighs and ass are just thick and awesome. Sara Jay also brings the goods. I'm not really into fake tits but out of all the girls in porn, I dig hers the best. There's just something about those massive boulders squeezing out of her tops and her curvy hips and ass that looks smoking - definitely makes up for her butter face! Midori and Mia Smiles look a little young to be MILFs but they were still hot too. Good stuff.

 from Big Butt Smashdown #5
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good For The Booty Lovers

new big butt "it" girl naomi leads this one off, with her amazing drum-tight big ass and bronze skin. if only she'd stop staring at the camera like a robot in all her films, she'd be so much hotter! even though some people have called her a butta face because of her nose, i still think luscious lopez is hot and has one of my favorite big asses. so i was diggging her scene too. and cherie puts in a good performance as usual. all and all, solid stuff that's only let down by a few of the other scenes.

 from Black Juizz in New White Cooze #2
Studio: Risque Entertainment

Ok Stuff

I rented this one just for Summer Lynn. Even though she's usually a bit of an actor in her scenes, she has such a hot chunky bod with big natural tits, I'm still a fan. The rest of the girls were pretty average. Unfortunately, this film looked like it was make by a first time director because more than half the shots were extreme close-ups, which is just annoying. Please back up so we can see the girls!

 from Big Bubble-Butt Cheerleaders #3
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good Stuff For The Butt Lovers

This was a decent big butt flick. The cheerleader angle was pretty comical - it's always funny trying to see porn stars act. The standouts for me were Velicity Von, with her hot all-natural chunky body and Luscious Lopez, with her amazing Monster Ass. I have seriously had dreams about her ass - it's that awesome. This dvd was let down by the other scenes though - lead-off girl Vanessa actually looked like she was in pain during her scene and that's just never sexy, so only 3* for this one.

 from White Girls Got Azz Too
Studio: Black Ice

Good Stuff For Ass Fans

this was a solid big butt release. as usual i dug chunky kimmie lee, who's the kind of heavy chick we all see in the store pushing a cart full of too many cupcakes but once they turn around their big round ass gives you a chubby! i also have to give it up for curvy luscious lopez. i have seriously had dreams about her ass, that's how awesome it is! and i have to give this flick an extra 1/2 star since all the scenes are internals, which i like. but i'm not sure if the director, lee g, is the same "l.g." who ran the "phat azz white girls" series into the ground with his overuse of extreme closeups but it seems that way, because there were a lot of closeups in this flick too. had to take away 1/2 star for that.

 from Chest Full Of Asians #8
Studio: Third World Media


This one was OK if you really need your Japanese porn fix. Only a couple of the girls had truly Big tits, the other couple just had average racks. The last girl looked like a Thai hooker if you're into that. And one of the scenes was recycled from another Third World Media flick I've seen. Annoying. Oh yeah, and there was too much POV for me. This was a quick turn around for me.

 from Big Phat Wet Ass Orgy #2
Studio: Evasive Angles

It's Official. I'm Not An Orgy Guy.

even though this flick has some of my current favorite big ass girls (naomi, luscious, luissa & sophia), i was totally bored by it. the problem for me was that instead of the men focusing on pounding those chunky asses, there was way too much looking around at what else was going on in the room, laughing and cracking jokes. they just lost focus which just made me lose focus and hit the fast forward button. and there was too much overacting by the girls to make up for this, as they tried to make it look good. the hottest thing on this dvd for me were the solo scenes with the girls, which says a lot about how boring the orgy was.

 from Big White Wet Butts #5
Studio: Evasive Angles

Charlotte Stokely, Wicharlotte, Will You Marry Me?

OMG, that girl has a Truly Awesome Ass. Who knew they grew butts like that in Utah? With that milky white skin and monster ass, she's been my favorite discovery of the last few months. Caroline Pierce is also hot as hell too. She's a borderline MILF and has a nice chunky ass. The other girls were just average so I can only give this one 3 *s though.

 from Desperate Mothers & Wives #4
Studio: Evasive Angles

Solid Stuff

Not bad. I rented it just for Dana Vespoli, but she was looking a little skinny in this one and was phoning it in. Lisa Ann has a pretty rockin bod for any age. I'd like to have see her with someone else besides Sean Michels though. Nice guy but way too tame. Someone like Justin Slayer would have knocked it out! And I've got to give props to Venus. She usually looks zoned out, but in this scene she actually got into it and worked up a little bit of a sweat.

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