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All Reviews by Dmsr
 from Big Butt Smashdown #4
Studio: Evasive Angles

One For The Big Butt Lovers

Daaamn! This was my favorite rental of the month. If you love nice Big Asses, I can't see how you wouldn't like this flick. I don't know where to start. Julia Bond has an awesome curvy little body, great young look and good scene. Naomi (not to be confused with the other big butt Naomi) has beautiful creamy skin and a mouth watering booty. Porn legend Lauren Phoenix still looks great and holds it down for the veteran lovers. And I love to discover fresh hotties and Maryanne seriously did it for me. At first you think what the hell is this thin girl doing in this booty flick, but then she she turns around and shows off probably the nicest ass I've seen on a slim white chick since Susie Diamond. She has that whole sorority-girl-gone-bad look down. Hot. You get the picture, this dvd is really good. I hated to send it back!

 from Big White Wet Butts #3
Studio: Evasive Angles

I Like Big Butts

Evasive brings the goods again! This was a great collection of some awesome asses. Every single girl in this flick was hot. Of course Flower Tucci and Julia Bond were smoking hot. And one of my favorite thick chicks Luissa Rosso was also holding it down during her scene. But for me, the real treat of this one was Maryann. She has such a pretty sorority girl look and her skin is milky white and smooth. Oh yeah, and the ass! OMG, you expect thick girls to have a nice ass but when someone so slim is packing such a great bubble butt, your mouth has to water! This was my favorite rental of the month.

 from Whale Tail #1
Studio: Smash

If I Were A Make A Wish Kid...

... my wish would be to be in the middle of a mary anne and sunny lane sandwich until i went to that big porn shop in the sky. mary anne is one of my favorites, period. she has an awesome ass, pretty face and great energy. i wish she'd made more films. and the 1st time i saw sunny lane was on an episode of "pants off dance off" and she was going by the name of sunny lee. by the way she moved and gave me a mega chubby, i knew she had to be a porn star or stripper. god bless the internet because i was able to track her down. her ass is seriously unbelievable. bubblelicious!! she puts some black and latin girls to shame! dayum! there were 3 other girls in this one but their scenes were not nearly as hot as mary anne's and sunny's, but i'm still giving this one 4 stars for those two scenes. yeah, they were that good!

 from Invasian! #2 (Disc 1)
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Good But Not Great

not as good as "invasian #1" but then again, that is the hottest asian-american porn flick i've ever seen, so the bar is set pretty high. maybe seeing disc 2 would bring this one up. the best scene here is probably roxy who has a tight little bod that director jules gets to work over. lucky dog.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #19
Studio: Rodney Moore

Not Bad

For the lovers of thick amateur chicks, there's the SBB series and this one's not bad. The best scenes were with cover girl Krystal Haze, who struts around in a Beyond skin-tight mini skirt in her tease scene and Jazz Noel who has a nice ass and long legs. 2 out of the other 3 scenes were BJ only though. And the other one was with a pregnant chick. Not my thing, but I guess some guys must get off on that.

 from Asian Thighs, Creampies #3
Studio: Damaged

Good, For Japanese Porn

this one wasn't as good as atc#2, but it was better than #1. the girls look like amateurs and aren't quite the supermodel types that you might see on but a few of the girls are cute and a couple have curvy bodies, which is rare in japanese porn. and there is a dp/anal scene which is also rare in japanese porn. also, in contrast to "asianfetish"'s experience, the atc series is the best indexed porn series i've ever scene. maybe his dvd player was broken? not only do they index specific positions within specific scenes allowing you to easily skip around if you like seeing a certain thing, there are some really nice extras on the disc that are very easy to access. i wish every dvd was produced this well. all and all, above average for japanese porn.

 from Big Phat Wet Ass Orgy #1
Studio: Evasive Angles


I'm not a big orgy fan but I wanted to see Kimmie's chunky ass get rocked so I put this one on my list. It was pretty amateurish and boring though. Olivia O'Lovely (even with her tattoos and fake tits) is still white hot and gives the best performance in this one. The best part of the flick is the looong Extras section, where the girls are giggling around the set in their booty shorts and then later seeing Max Black get into a fist fight with another member of the cast and getting kicked off the set. That was pretty amusing. I'll give it a 2* for that - otherwise it would have got a 1*.

 from Asian Brotha Lovers #2
Studio: Exquisite

I rented this one to see some more of Yumi's HOT little bod getting worked over. That girl has got something special. And even sharing the scene with Wesley Pipes (looking more thugged out than ever) didn't ruin it for me. The one thing that brought it down is that the make-up on the girls was SO thick that they looked like friggin' drag queens. I have never ever noticed make-up in a porn flick, but when the women look like they just stepped out of Circ du Soleil show, it's a little distracting. Yumi and Kammy's scenes get a 4*, while the others get a 2.

 from Interracial Hole Stretchers #2
Studio: Platinum X

Three Cheers For The A-Cups!

this flick was a pleasant surprise. of course, flower tucci and her wonderful big ass don't disappoint. tall, curvy summer lynn continues to act too much for my taste, but i still dig her thick body so i overlooked it as usual. but cover girl brianna love and claire robbins are the real treats of this dvd! they give proof to the saying that "girls with small boobs try harder" because they give it 100% during their scenes. they have the kind of really tight bodies that make you want to try to bounce a quarter off their asses. and they both look like they're into the sex and not just cashing a check. and claire robbins is cute as hell and actually really looks 18 and not 28, like all the other girls who say they're barely legal. the extras are also worth mentioning as the director does a good job chatting up the girls while they try on a bunch of sexy panties. my favorite rental of the month.

 from Who's Next In Porn? #2
Studio: Loaded Digital

Not Horrible

This flick was average. The only reason I rented it was for Tatum Reed who is this crazy cool smart pornstar. I love her curvy natural body and milky white skin. Her scene was good, but not great. She needed a better partner. The only other memorable girl was pretty Sasha who looks like a newbie and also has awesome pale skin. The other girls were forgettable so this one only gets 2*.

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