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All Reviews by Dmsr
 from Asian Thighs, Creampies
Studio: Damaged

Not As Good As #2

After renting ATC#2, I had to move this one to the top of my list. #2 was simply the best Japanese porn film I've ever seen. Unfortunately, this one doesn't come close. There are a couple of cute girls and a couple of butter faces. Satoko his some thick little thighs which is kind of hot considering how often you see so many skinny girls in Japanese porn. And Rio is pretty and has nice long legs, but she has these really unusual Japanese style tattoos that took me a few minutes to get past. All and all, not great but not bad if, like me, you dig Asians, internals and are tired of the usual Japanese porn, which is usually awful.

 from Up Your Ass #2
Studio: Anabolic

Oh You've Got To Kidding Me!

I rented this one just to see Shanna McCullough's fine round ass get worked over. She is the definition of MILF - she's got to be close to 40 and yet her body is H-O-T! Thick thighs, tight skin, pretty face and Mega ass - OMG! So imagine my surprise when I fast forward through the other 4 scenes and get to hers, only to find it completely out of focus! Aaaarg! Either the camera man left his glasses at home or they filmed it with a cheap security camera - I mean, unbelievably blurry! WTF! Aaaarg!

 from Young Asian Cookies Dripping Cum #5
Studio: Evasive Angles

Not Bad

i like ir, asians and internals so i pretty much dug this flick. for the most part, the thai girls are better than the scrawny $50-hooker types that you see in way too many films. a couple are actually cute and the last girl has a killer rack. one word of warning though, the cutest girl in this one looks very young - and i mean "are the police going to bust through my door and arrest me for watching this" young. all and all, not a bad flick, especially for being produced by tt boy.

 from Little White Slave Girls #10
Studio: Evasive Angles


i'm not sure why, but i just didn't get into this one. maybe there was just too much acting and not enough believable sex for me. that whole "yes master" bit got a little old. lauren phoenix, julia bond and bailey were definitely the hottest chicks in this one but the action was lacking. next.

 from Asian Desires #2
Studio: Damaged


This is from the same producer as the Asian Thighs Creampies series, unfortunately it's not as good. The first 4 scenes are POV, so the camera is too close for my tastes. And most of the girls are skinny and average looking. Even though 4 out of the 5 scenes are internals - which I dig - I've still got to give this flick a 1 *. If you want to see better Japanese porn, rent any of the ATC series instead.

 from Chasing The Big Ones #26
Studio: West Coast

All About Rita!

I rented this one just for Czech superhottie Rita Faltoyano and I was not disappointed. Damn - she has got one of the best bodies in porn! This flick was from early in her career. Unfortunately, she doesn't do IR anymore so this was only the 2nd IR flick I could find with her - and I've searched! There were some other girls in this one, but they were mostly forgetable so I can only give it 3*.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #18
Studio: Rodney Moore

More Sex Please!

OK, I usually dig Rodney's movies . That whole amateur vibe is a nice change from regular porn and his set-up scenes are pretty comical. The only problem I have with his films is that there's not enough sex! Out of the 5 scenes on this dvd, only 2 had sex!. 2 had BJ's only and another was solo girl/dildo only! Doh! I want see all those chunky asses getting rocked, not just a couple of them! Damnit! Luckily, one of my favorite thick chicks, Kimmy Lee, was in one of the sex scenes otherwise I was pretty frustrated with this disc.

 from Big Black Dicks Little Asian Chicks
Studio: Evasive Angles

Yumi's Hot

I rented this one to get some more of Yumi, who is such a cute, hot Japanese newbie. She looks so fresh and innocent that it seems almost wrong to be watching her get down to business. Almost. And she has an amazing tight, rockin' body and it doesn't look like she's acting which just makes her so much hotter! Damn, I want to date this girl! The other scenes were with forgettable Thai chicks and get - 1.5*. But I give Yumi's scene - 4.5*.

 from Asian Thighs, Creampies #2
Studio: Damaged

Best Asian Porn I've Ever Seen

wow!!! i seriously can't even believe this was made in japan! it has all the stuff you never see in japanese porn - no condoms! internal cumshots! anal! dp's! and a couple of smoking hot curvy women (rei and hitomi) who are actually into the sex and don't just lie there whimpering like they're in pain, like you typically see in japanese porn! hitomi has the best ass i've seen on a japanese pornstar, period - thick and round. and rei has the best boobs i've seen on a japanese pornstar. and although hitomi has a very good scene, rei has a great scene! that woman can moves her hips like... damn... makes me want to move to japan! two of the the other three scenes are good too, but hitomi and rei are the ones you'll remember. jules jordan's "invasian #1" is the best asian-american porn i've seen but this this is without a doubt the best asian flick i've ever seen. the only reason this gets 4* instead of 5* is the camera work is almost all pov and so there are a few too many closeups for my taste. but then again, i can't really fault the director. if i had all these hotties lined up, i'd send all the male talent home and star in it myself too!

 from She Got Ass #7
Studio: West Coast

Good Stuff

I rented this one to see some more of Sophie Dee's big round booty and she didn't disappoint but I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of other girls. I'm not a fake boob fan but the way curvy Sara Jay looks like she's about to explode is kind of hot. The surprise of this one for me was Yumi, who has a sexy, tight Japanese body and pretty damn hot during her anal scene. I'm going to check out her other movies. The other girls were pretty forgettable though so only 3 stars.

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