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All Reviews by Dmsr
 from Black In The Ass #4
Studio: New Sensations


All European girls. Rented this one for Bibi Fox, though, who is Hot. The other girls were pretty average. The biggest problem is there's way too much slapping, choking and spitting on the girls by the director/actor which just turned me right off. Ok, you do't respect women - we get it! Camera work was weak too with too many close-ups. Next.

 from Naughty College School Girls #19
Studio: New Sensations

Basic Stuff

This is a basic porn flick. The only thing above average for me was Katrina (Leone) who has a tight young body and nice fair skin. Every other scene was forgettable for me. Next.

 from Naughty College School Girls #17
Studio: New Sensations

All About Kaylee

I rented this one just for Kaylee, who is on my favorites list. Long legs, Awesome Ass, and cute face - she looks like she just stepped out of a sorority house. Her scene was good, but not her best. The other girls were all pretty forgetable so I can only give this one two stars.

 from Orgy World #8
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good, For An Orgy Flick

I'm not a big orgy fan (mostly because all the girls start blurring together and the camera is always moving around instead of focusing on the girls I think are hot!), but I rented this one just for Susie Diamond who has one of my favorite porn asses. But I actually enjoyed most of this flick because there were A LOT of hot Czech girls in this one. Almost 1/2 the girls I wanted to see in solo scenes, like Samantha and Eva. Overall a good rental. Orgy fans would probably rate this one higher.

 from Desperate Mothers & Wives #1
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good Stuff!

This IR flick was surprisingly better than I expected. I liked the little set-up scenes beforehand. It was a good break from all the usual slam-bam gonzo stuff. Rayveness, where did she come from?! Great skin and awesome body for someone in their 30's! Mika Tan looked great too and gave her usual energetic performance. When her partner oiled up her ass by the pool - damn! Chub city! And what can you say about future hall of famer Tiffany Mynx? Awesome ass, awesome tits, awesome everything! Put this one on your list.

 from My Milkshake Is Thick And Double-Dicked #2
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good Stuff

I'm not a huge DP fan but I rented this one for Samona and Summer and I wasn't disappointed. Samona is a Chech hottie but, with that round ass and bronze skin, you'd swear she was Brazilian until you heard her talk. And Summer Lynn is a tall voluptuous hottie with a thick butt, long legs and great natural boobs. She has a corn-fed all-American look to her but she knows how to get down and dirty. H-O-T. If you like IR, DPs and nice asses, you'll like this flick.

 from Young Asian Cookies Dripping Cum #4
Studio: T.T.B. Productions


my 1st 1 star review. i like ir. i like cream pies. but i did not like this movie. except for yumi, all the girls are $20 hooker types from thailand and all the come shots are weak! before anyone does a cream pie movie, they should be required to see any of the "please cum inside me" series from randy west. he knows how to film it. and i really wanted to see japanese hottie yumi, but her scene was with lame choker tt boy! aarg! how frustrating! neeext!

 from Asian Brotha Lovers #1
Studio: Exquisite

Not Bad

Rented this one for the curvy Mika Tan, who I've never seen do IR before this flick. Her scene was good, but I felt like she was acting a bit too much unfortunately. Nautica and Asia had pretty good scenes too. If you need a Black/Asian fix, this'll do it.

 from Big Butt Brotha Lovers #3
Studio: Exquisite

False Advertising!

although this flick is billed as having "big butts", only 2 (katja and luisa) out of the 5 girls have big asses. lauren phoenix has a nice round one, but it's definitely not big. and the other two girls.?... puh-lease - don't insult us lovers of the ass! luisa's scene is good, but not her best. her ass is still mouth watering though. and then there's katja kassin's legendary ass. i've never been a fan of her actual scenes - she always seems a little robotic to me - but this is the best scene i've seen of hers. her co-star really works her over and she has this great suprised look on her face - like she wasn't expecting him to pound her so hard. good stuff. unfortunately, the other scenes are pretty fastforwardable though.

 from Young, Dumb, and Filled with Chocolate Cum #3
Studio: Evasive Angles

Good Stuff

If you like IR and internals, you'll like this one. It's all Chech girls getting worked over. In general, Chech girls seem like they're acting a lot more than American girls (lots of looking at the camera stuff and exaggerated moans) but there were still a couple of standout scenes for me. Samantha has a rockin' toned body and with that cute smile and blonde hair, looks like she just stepped out of a sorority house. She has the DP scene and does a good job. The other notable scene is Suzie Diamond. OMG! That girl has one of the best bubble butts I've seen in a porn flick this year! Even though her scene is with Julian St. Joke, I was able to tune him out and just focus on that Ass! DAMN! She seriously makes me want to book the next flight out to Prague. 4.5* for her and Samantha, 2.5* for the other 3 girls.

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