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All Reviews by Dmsr
 from I Swallow #2
Studio: Rodney Moore

You Gotta Love Shanna

I rented this one just for voluptuous hall-of-famer Shanna McCollough and I was not disappointed. She's my all time favorite MILF and this has her in a rare IR scene. It was great stuff. A younger Caroline Pierce was also great even though she was a little slimmer than her recent curvy films. The other scenes were nothing special so I can only give it 3* though.

 from 18 And Nasty #19
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

What A Stinker

I rented this one just to see 1/2 Asian hottie Jade. She has such a great look, is tall and has a awesome natural rack. Too bad she didn't make more films before retiring. Unfortunately, her scene with ttboy was a little disappointing (not surprising). But where this flick really goes downhill is with all the other scenes. Every other girl is either flabby, has pimples all over, is just fugly or some combination of all these things. What a waste of video tape. Even with Jade, this was my least favorite rental of the last few months. Next.

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #6
Studio: Evasive Angles

A Little Boring

I rented this one just to see the first girl, Wendy. As an assman, let me tll you, she has got an Awesome Ass and is also cute as hell. The kind of girl you'd want as your girlfriend. Karin was the only other girl of interest - all the other girls were forgettable on this one so I can only give it 3*.

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #7
Studio: Evasive Angles

Vivienne = Hot

I rented this one just for Vivenne who I'd seen in a couple of other Evasive Brazilian flicks. That girl is seriously hot. There's just something about her look - and her body is Banging! She seriously makes we want to get on the next plane down to Rio! Also hottie Cris is a Superfreak! Holy crap - suck and fuck the chrome off a pipe! Dayum! God bless Brazil! The other girls were just OK though so I can only give this one 3*

 from Spanish Fly Pussy Search #10
Studio: Evasive Angles


Do you ever rent a dvd just to see the cover girl? Well, that's what I did - just to see that hottie Ariel. Damn, that's an awesome pic. Unfortunately, this flick just didn't do it for me. Even though I love nice round asses and that golden brown Brazilian skin, the action was too flat and there were too many 3-ways. Sometimes I'm feeling old school and just want to see some hot 1-on-1 action, but this didn't have it.

 from POV Pervert #2
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

New Pov Fan

I didn't think I'd dig this because I usually hate too many close-ups in my porn, but I actually got into it. As mentioned, Jennifer Luv's long lips are pretty amazing, Laura Lion's big tits are awesome and the chick on the bonus scene is Hot! But for me, this one was all about Sable Simms. She was one of the few Korean American girls in porn and if you love your Asians like I do, you appreciate new faces. Great energy, a rockin' bod and an impossibly small looking puss - what's not to love?! Too bad she didn't make more flicks before retiring.

 from Sex Toys #1
Studio: West Coast

All About Kaylee

For me, this one was all about Kaylee, who is one of my favorites. That girl has a truly Awesome Ass and with that blonde hair and cute smile looks like she drove straight to the porn set from her sorority house. The other girls didn't really do too much for me so just 3*.

 from Black Cum 'N White Girlz #1
Studio: West Coast

Not Bad

i like ir and internals so i'm glad to see there are more flicks like this one coming out. this one was decent although in general i would have liked to see more emotion when they actually came (the director needs to rent any of randy west's "please cum inside me" for examples). vanity and jack napier(!) actually had the best scene which was a little surprising to me. she speads those long legs wide! i wanted to see egypt's thick body get worked but her scene came off a little mechanical unfortunately. the last scene with ivy and honey was hot - even though they seemed to be acting a bit too much for the camera i didn't care because their bodies are tight and rockin'!

 from There's Something About Jack #30
Studio: West Coast

All About Dana

I rented this one just to see some more of hot Dana Vespoli. Thankfully, this was filmed before her more recent stuff where she's too damn skinny! I read somewhere that's she's the smartest girl in porn because she actually has a college degree and she's mainly into porn for the sex - and that's why she's one of my favorites. She doesn't just stare at the camera like a robot like most of the girls in porn. She actually looks at her partner and tries to get herself off which just makes her 10x hotter in my book. Roxy also had a hot scene two, with that tight body of hers. The other scenes were kind of boring so I can only give this one a 3*.

 from Mandingo #3
Studio: West Coast


Only 4 scenes. Rented this one for Katrina Ko who is hot, but Mandingo disappoints because, as usual, he can't go more than 30 seconds without popping so he's constantly pulling out and taking breaks and never gets into a rhythm with any of the girls. Next.

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