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All Reviews by Dj
 from Return Of Tori Welles, The
Studio: Vivid

Agree W/ Looker

Tori got me hooked back in the late 80's or early 90's. I loved your sensual, yet nasty(in a good way) smirk. The way you almost delightfully got off. This movie, however, didnt show much if any of that. The scenes were too short and too full of condoms. I like to see skin on skin. I am a very big non-fan of condoms. In fact, I feel that a condom in porn is like going to a buffet and being told to only take salad. It doesnt make any fucking sense. If one wants to promote safe sex, then great the point would have been made. The idea, however, is that porn is there to help one fantasize. I cant imagine anyone fantasizing about having to put a jimmy hat on, prior to fucking a porn star.

 from Hot Girl Fuck-A-Thon
Studio: Midnight Mayhem

Boring Boring Boring

Did I mention boring? Well this one was pretty lame. I only got it expecting to see Charmain Star. Her role was not much more than a fluffer. Sure she did a sex scene...but it wasnt all that hot.

 from Sticky Side Up #2
Studio: West Coast

Just Ok

Two stars only because of all the lez action. This was pretty basic. There were a couple of double dildo scenes, but they didnt do much for me. There didnt seem to be alot of excitement when the chicks were going at it....just seemed forced.

 from All Asian
Studio: Jill Kelly Productions

Where Are The Asians?

I hate to say it, but this movie was very misleading. I saw two, maybe three Asian women. Ok, so since there were two or three that implies that they can say Asians with an S. I expected all Asian, not "more than one Asian, so we can title it Asians with an S". The sex was just routine. I dont recommend this rental. BTW, and this is to the person who titled this movie, ALL if looked up in a dictionary means ALL...not some. Next time, title it mostly Asians. Or maybe even just leave it vague enough to not make the viewer feel like he/she was duped into watching.

 from Flesh Hunter #7
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

Very Hot

The title for this one doesnt do it justice. All of the chicks in this movie are hot in thier own way. Brook is banging and I am Teagan fan because of this flick.....there are times it actually looks like it hurts, but in a good way.

 from Banana Cream Pie #2
Studio: Video Team

Creampie? I Didnt See Much Cream In The Pie

3 stars only because of the Asian chicks in this flick. There were at least two scenes where the chick gets it from three or more men...but only one creams the pie? Why not all. Yeah sure all the men orgasm, but why not inside. Misleading...but hot sex.

 from No Man's Land: Latin Edition #2
Studio: Video Team

Not Bad....But Could Use More Imagination

Hot only in that it was hispanic in nature. I love hot hispanic women, but it just seemed real basic as it relates to girl/girl scenes. Damn, where is the double ended stuff and the squirting/dripping orgasms?

 from No Man's Land: Latin Edition #3
Studio: Video Team

Nice Flick

This is a solid four star, borderline...(he he, like the pun?) on a five star movie. Two scenes with double dildo and just hot girl on girl. The last scene is real hot, just not long enough.

 from Stuffin Young Muffins #1
Studio: New Sensations

Pretty Danm Good

This was a good rent. I recomend for all who like to see young girls get banged hard. Check this one out.

 from Big Toys No Boys #2
Studio: Devil's Films

Just Ok

This one is all lez...but so much routine acting and acts in general. Seems as if they just kept re-using the same toys.....the director should really consider taking some of the profits and buying new gear.

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