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All Reviews by Diver D
 from Look At That Big Ass #1
Studio: Third World Media

Rip-Offf !

personally i feel could have rated this a "1 star"- this is class "adult video rip-off". this disc has a bunch of great looking braziilan chicks- all anal scenes- and the blow the c-shot in every scene. why? why bother even committing anything to tape? makes not sense. avoid this - it's a complete waste.

 from Banzai! #3
Studio: Anarchy

Zen !

I gave this s high rating because it had 3, countem' three- great scenes, with very hot Asian chicks. Asia, Lana Croft, and relative newcomer, Nyomi Zen, who is very hot. If you like Asian chicks, check this out.

 from Tappin' That Ass
Studio: XCartel

Mighty Max

My rating is a little high, but it's nice to get a disc with some good scenes for a change, given the current climate of non-anal, blown cum-shot scenes. The scene with Max Nikita & Alex Sanders was hot, long, and well-done. If you are a fan of Max Nikita- don't miss this.

 from Hooker
Studio: Back End

Rip Off !!!

another classic porno-rip-0ff. the text describes this as an anal scene(s). only one girl does anal, and if you are an alura eden fan - like me - don't bother. it's npt an anal scene, and the director "blows" the c-shot. yet again.

 from Truly Nice Ass #2
Studio: DVSX

Not great !

Just a quick note to any Aloura Eden fans, like myself- I'm always on the look out for any Aloura Eden scenes from the past that I might have missed. Alas, this is good scene - but of course they blow the c-shot. Shame!

 from Deep In Style
Studio: Club Jenna

Gorgeous & Disappointing

I rented this disc, because I'm a Charmane Star fan, and want to acquire some of her older scenes. This one is just that: gorgeous & beautiful. Charmane is dressed very classy & chic. Looks tremendous. Production is great-looking. Her and her partner do a great scene. Then he "finishes", buy cumming on her jeweled belt buckle. How directors "think" that this type of action is "sexy", or ever remotely a "turn-on"' is way - beyond me ? ? ? ?

 from Big Cinnamon Asses
Studio: UrgeXotica


this was very disappointing. my belief is, if you use "ass" in the title; there damn well be at least one anal scene. there weren't any. the the cum shots were just "ok".

 from Dirty Little Devils #1
Studio: Adam & Eve


Plain and simple, this was a big disappointment- again. I rented this disc because I'm a big fan of Aluora Eden. When are these directors going to get the message that blowing the c-shot, is not what is happening. Aloura did a great scene, only to have the idiot director, ruin it with, a blown c-shot.

 from Banzai Babes
Studio: Adam & Eve

Asians ! ! !

if you like asian chicks, check this out. typical "4 hour" compilation, but it has a few great scenes. two scenes: one of bamboo with vince voyuer and one with miko lee are pretty nice.

 from Kama Sutra Fuck Fest #1
Studio: Gentlemen's

Worthless Rip_Off

This is the classic modern day "Adult Video". This is supposed to be about Mid-Eastern women. Of course they have Hispanic (lovely) Laura Vargas - dressed as a Arab women. Why do companies think this is fooling anyone? Very little anal, and no cum shots. What's new?

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