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All Reviews by Diver D
 from Sole Sistas
Studio: Video Team


personally i think i've rated this disc too high, i think it is the classic "rip-off! sure, it has 3 of the hottest black girls in adult video it. but they don't do anything. i call it a rip-off because it is a "foot-fetish disc - but they don't tell you that. all the c-shots are on the feet. what's with that?

 from Nasty Video Magazine #6
Studio: Video Team

very weak

Quite obvious that the "marketing department" directed this disc. They are basically promoting a new (for them) venue to sell titles SImple put - a little more effort into the makeup of the scenes - a lot less effort on the "promoting side" - would have really helped.

 from ATM Machine #1
Studio: Digital Sin

Astounding Aloura

Am probably rating this a little high, but the scene with Aloura Eden is worth the price of addmission. Exceptionally hot and sensual scene, and especially since the blow the c-shot - it's still very hot. Don't miss it.

 from F To The A #2
Studio: Vertigo

Maybe rated a little high, but rented this disc, because it had Sunshine, teamed with Marc Davis. If you are a fan of Sunshine, check this out- it's pretty hot The c-shot was suspect at first, but it came out quite well.

 from Ass To Mouth #7
Studio: Heatwave

Rip Off !

Avoid this like the plague! Totally worthless. The picture quality on the cover & back is the first hint. Simply: looks 1970-ish, European - shot - not only not HD - but not even digital. VHS, looks like. And all, blown c-shots. Total waste !

 from Anal Divas In Latex #2
Studio: Heatwave

Latex Anal

this is very good. great production- maybe overdoing it even a little- but still great. nice is a very rare appearance of "africa sex" (not africa)- in a very nice interracial scene- only one i've very been able to find. very nice.

 from Ladies Man
Studio: Heatwave

Much about MOCHA !

Yes, I've rated this a little high. It's actually a little "hokey", what with Devlin Weed an the wig he wears. But it's more than worth the price of admission for the very first scene. A short, obscure scene of Mocha with Dave Hardman. It's a great hot scene. If you are a fan of Mocha, don't miss this one.

 from Black It On Up #1
Studio: Smash

This disc isn't nearly as good as the cpver depicts- it is mostly old footage, 5 to ten years old. But if you are a Chocolate fan, there is a very nice- abeit quit short - scene with Dave Hardman. Short - but quite nice.

 from Tastes Like Cum #1
Studio: Le'Wood Productions

Cake ? ? ?

I won't rant & rave about this disc. Just a word of caution to fellow Sabrine Maui fans. If you think this is a lost Sabrine Maui scene, that you think you might have missed - be glad that you did. The scene: 3 guys cum on- ready for it? - on a piece of chocolate cake - and then she eats the cake. Wow ! - Really exciting (sic)! A new low in stupid sex scenes.

 from Hooter Hideout
Studio: Midnight Mayhem

I'll give this a "neutral" rating, just to be fair. The title delivered just what it said - big boobed girls. But it's a collection of old "scenes" - and I think they should label it as such. They didn't.

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