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All Reviews by Dirtyrice
 from Sweatin' It #7
Studio: Kick Ass

Not one of her better movies. It just dragged on and on and went no where. If you're a marey carey fan, stay away.

 from Boobsville P.D.
Studio: Big Top

Horrible, uterly horrible. its like they decided to see how crappy of a movie they could produce.

 from Two Hot
Studio: Vivid

Decent story line with great extras. I'm looking forward to seeing the next installment of this series.

 from Cabaret Sodom Club
Studio: Marc Dorcel

For a foreign film, it was ok, good scenes with good action. it was fun listening to all the diffrent languages

 from High Heeled House Calls
Studio: Vivid

The movie had no story line. The titile pretty much sums up the movie. Its pretty good if you just wanna get straight to the action. More of a rental than a keeper.