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All Reviews by Dirk Diggler
 from Teen Power! #3
Studio: Kick Ass

Mundane at Best

Unless this DVD is viewed solely for aesthetics I'd move on to the next choice. For while all the performers are young and attractive, some stunning, the sex is mundane, at best. This seems a result of overly long positions and the lack of any building passion but rather a series of what appears to be pointless acts of male/female contact. They might be excellent window dressing for a porn shop. Production value was acceptable with a bit too much yellow in the skin tones. The biggest disappointment was Cytheria whose unique charm is to shoot a blast of squirt into the next county. Here she doesn't even dribble. I presume this is because the director wanted it that way and not because the sex was so boring that she couldn't get off.

 from She Squirts #12
Studio: New Sensations

Bitches Junk Side Up

Very little squirting. Mostly close-ups shot raw cunt first the rest of the bitch off in the distance: belly, boobs, face. Just the thing if you like this view but not so much if you like good squirts.

 from She Squirts #7
Studio: New Sensations

She Don't Squirt

If you’re into badly shot amateur videos of barely presentable women working themselves over with huge dildos you’re in luck. However, if you like G-Spot female ejaculation there is little of that here. In each case, the performers tease a bit and then get down with the same three or four dildos. In some cases this is followed by a ride on a vibrating saddle, an especially bad choice, as it not only blocks the view but drowns out the sound track, as well. However, to be fair, each of the performers, especially Holly Hollywood (a ravishing woman I have never seen as poorly rendered) manages to crank up their junk nicely. And even though the lighting is harsh and cold we get an in-your-face visage of hot cunt, not as we usually see it, all dolled up and well lit, but raw and nasty, as we might find between our own lovers’ thighs, at times.

 from Craving Big Cocks #4
Studio: New Sensations


I got this one just because it had a scene with the great Angela Stone. For that alone this video is worth having but the remaining four fabulous scenes (plus a bonus scene) are worth it in themselves although Angela is the only squirter. But with Angela’s powerful cunt, there is little need for anyone else. Absolutely gorgeous babes, beautiful styling and wardrobe (while they’re wearing any) excellent camera work, beautifully lighted, and well edited make this a must see. Angela's scene is first, which must be new to her. My guess here is that they ordered the scenes based on classic beauty (big breasts lovely features) and not simply on performance, although Sammi Rhodes (last) takes second place to no woman or man for excitement. Angela has never looked finer to my eyes. She opens wearing glasses, of all things, in a classic black cocktail dress accentuated at the bust line in keeping with the other babes who are all naturally well endowed. Mark Ashley wastes no time getting Angela from behind in a forced squirt before her panties are all the way off, although she actually squirts more when he stops cranking her g-spot. This type of stimulation is rarely necessary with a powerhouse like Angela but it gets the ball rolling. She blasts one more off the charts and several medium power shots, also manipulated by Mark or Mr. Pete. Mostly she takes everything they can give and returns the favor. This is also true of the other performers who concentrate on fucking and sucking with nothing that could be called kinky. Even Angela doesn’t get to do anal, which she seems quite fond of in other videos judging by how it makes her cum. The video aims for the high road: classic beauty and gorgeous sex.

 from Cum Rain Cum Shine #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Great Tiana Lynn!

Great Vintage Tiana. Doing babes, guys, and toys blasting her pussy wide open and screaming like a banshee. Sorry she no longer performs but there's plenty of great video of her at her peak.

 from Ass Whores From Planet Squirt #1
Studio: Heatwave

Hot Sloppy Wet

Ass Whores from Planet Squirt features some of the best of the medium range squirt queens around: Lexi Love, Flower Tucci, Nikki Hunter, and Kat plus a squirtlet by the gorgeous Alexis Malone. Flower opens with a wild scene with Kelly Wells, although Kelly doesn’t actually squirt—though she can. Flower is really a high powered squirter who can easily blast one across the room and can cum as long as anyone. This outing is no exception with her best shot (typical) cuming from anal along with a hardy self crank. Next up is Kat who also hits new heights for her class. Of course, power and volume are only one aspect of the explosive G-Spot orgasm depending mainly on the girl’s physiology more than the strength and intensity of her orgasm. The only thing that matters is how hard she cums and how she makes us feel it—as in any performance whether it be music, dance, or gymnastics. Nowhere is this truer than Alexis Malone’s barely visible ejaculate. However, she tries so hard to reach her orgasm that you have to admire her stamina. Her partner finally brings her off Braun 101 style with his two fingers almost forcing her to cum. athough she doesn’t cum gallons her intense joy reverberates all over the scene. The final scene teams Lexi Love with Deidra Dare could have come earlier for Lexi’s been more capacious in other videos. Other than this questionable last raps (probably should have been Flower) the film is well cut (although the menu function seems to interfere slightly with the flow of the scenes when watched in order) well lit, with excellent camera work. The best part is that Martin del Toro has the girls actively relate to the camera and so the audience. They spit, lick, drool, and mouth the lens as if to show the viewer that this is for them. Although this approach tends to obfuscate the image it cums across very effectively—most dramatically by Courtney Simpson when she gargles a big load and then spits it on the lens.

 from Twisted Vision #3
Studio: Red Light District

Mike Stefano's Video

All we see of Mike in Twisted Vision 3 is his cock, which is probably the best thing about POV (Point of View). And while I applaud his creative efforts to produce his own work, the story line banter between him and the babes seems totally unnecessary at best and distracting at worst. Why do POV if you are then going to inject the male performer’s character—in this case, a bit too much snout for my taste, in that he treats all of his partners like dirt. Perhaps in his work with other directors he was not allowed to “act” which he may feel as a lack that he can set right in his own work. Why is it important for us to actually like (or at least be unaware of their own personality and face) our male performers if not so we can slip into their awareness more comfortably? Who hasn’t felt exactly what the male performer’s body feels fucking and being sucked by a beautiful woman? The male performer is our avatar. To be fair, Mike tries everything to get the babes to respond in character—mostly a distraction when they have their mouths so full of Mike. He only succeeds with one performer: Penny Flame who is either totally into it with Mile or is actually an excellent actress. For straight sex I enjoyed her performance best. However, of the three Squirt Queens presented, only the great Angela Stone herself lets fly. Brianna Love, usually a squirter is dry as a bone and badly lit so that her ribs protrude. Even Sierra Sinn, who is as gorgeous as I have ever seen her, manages not to ejaculate. Neither appear to orgasm. Of course, the video is not billed as a squirt film but with three squirters, one who actually does, the reason the others do not is puzzling.

 from Squirting Cream Pies
Studio: 818

If you like female ejaculation DVD’s this is not you. The term squirting in the title refers to cum farts or cum draining out the performers’ pussy or butt-hole. And while the babes are not half bad and highly competent in their sexual performance the cream-pies may be faked with the men eventually cuming in the babes faces. Perhaps this has something to do with safe sex or perhaps it has to do with HIV testing or the lack thereof. This mostly falls short with the only good dirty girl cum fart spoiled by the cameraman and crew’s breaking in with hoots and comments and their general inability to understand that this is not about them. On the whole, this is an amateurish presentation lacking in most respects. In addition the five scenes are somewhat short and poorly cut.

 from Itty Bitty White Titty
Studio: Back End

Not Itty Bitty--Not even totally White

While the titties are a nice bunch on the whole. Only one pair is "itty bitty" and one of the performers is a woman of color. However, she's the best of the bunch with even a major squirt queen like Cytheria coming off a non-starter.

 from Small Sluts Nice Butts #6
Studio: Anarchy

Cytheria Anal?!

The only squirting here is a paltry sprinkle by Cytheria. The other major squirter, Leah Luv, seems to have her ejaculations edited out since the scene switches just as she’s about to blast one, as she so often has in other DVD’s. About the only redeeming shot is Cytheria doing anal, which I have never seen before in the hundreds of scenes I’ve enjoyed from this powerhouse of a squirt pussy. However, the babes are lovely and the camera and lighting work exemplary. Just not much for a squirt fan.

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