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All Reviews by Diaz
 from Chocolate Melts In Your Mouth And In Your Hands #1
Studio: Black Ice

Boring Un Experienced

This movie is not only too long but the girls seem inexperienced or it shows that they do not really like what they are doing!one woman looks like she is giving head out of spite towards and ex lover or something and may be mental. The movie is too long and drawn out boring at times. Girls not too skilled. Sorry I rented it :(

 from 12 Nasty Girls Masturbating #11
Studio: Madness


movie waste a lot of time with girls taling. also more than one girl was inexperience in masturbating. some good closeup shots. movie was ok worth the rental. more action. less talk more experienced girls would be ok. several girls were nice , did great job.

 from Lick Dat Black Pussy
Studio: Black Doll

So So

there were not enough close ups. camera did not focus on enough closeup action. also there were slow moments some of the girls seem like there were not really into other women but went along for the ride

 from Her First Big Cock #8
Studio: Pink Visual


MOVIE WAS BORING NO FAst action looked like a class to teach sex. boring take to long to get to action and the girls act like they never hd sex before. although we know better

 from Thick Black Butts Wit Busted Nut #4
Studio: T.T.B. Productions

Not As Title Says

The movie was too long on fuck scenes could had been shorter and to the point. It was boring many times. There were at least two girls that were not overweight which was good, but the sex scenes were too long, repeating same thing.