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All Reviews by Devilwolf
 from Barefoot & Pregnant #12
Studio: Heatwave

First Scene Is Great!

Get this for the first scene if you like big bellied sexy attraction pregnant blonds. The over two scenes are about average for this series.

 from Knocked Up Knockers
Studio: Big Top

Milk And Pregnant? Yes!

This was a very enjoyable DVD with a trio of attractive women in well shot scenes. Scene one with Veronica Brazil is a very erotic and passionate scene. It gets hotter with the 2nd scene. Pregnant, lactating, big breast, and redheaded. 3rd scene with Amber. Blond pregnant and lactating, also very good. Only downside is that DVD appears to have been authored with some retarded UPOs (User prohibited operations) that impair the ability to fast forward or jump from scene to scene.

 from Dairy Farm Girls
Studio: Big Top

Soft And Dull

This is mostly softcore, with one lesbian strap-on scene. none of the gals are attractive even if you like BBWs.

 from Barefoot & Pregnant #13
Studio: Heatwave

Better Choices Out There

Starts off promising with a good threesome scene with two guys and a latina. #2 is a scene with 30ish gal, she is kind of plain looking. Last since is another threesome with a Hispanic gal. This gal is sort of a dorky looking in pigtails.

 from Barefoot & Pregnant #9
Studio: Heatwave

Poorly Done

First off the DVD has no scene menus. Only three scenes. The first two scenes are pretty good. Last scene has two ugly guys with a gal who might be pregnant, or might just be fat.

 from Barefoot & Pregnant #20
Studio: Heatwave

Some New Faces

On the girls at least. The guys are the usual suspects we've seen over and over. Scene One is well shot with young pierced blond gal. Scene two looks like either a hispanic gal, or some SE asian mix. Big natural breasts. Poor camera work. Scene three, Hispanic gal with blond hair streaks. Natural fits, descent camera work. All the gals in the flick are still pretty early in the pregnancies. No big bulging about to pop bellies. Some may consider the gals in scenes 2 and 3 to be BBW.

 from Barefoot & Pregnant #8
Studio: Heatwave

2 Out 3 Scenes Are Good.

The first scene has a very cute big titted blond gal Krista Leigh in a threesome scene. Second scene is with Teal. Who is a really sexy busty latina. 3rd Scene is with Chocolate black gal, with a white guy. Not very well filmed, poor lighting, dark backgrounds.

 from Labor Of Love #6
Studio: FilmCo

Cute Gals

Scene one has a skinny, but big belly gal, with pig tails and very pale skin. Three some scene with two guys. Very good camera work that makes for some hot fucking shots. Scene two has brunette, 8 months, older gal (30). Hairy bush. Starts with an interview, and then masturbation. Male on Female sex, alot of good oral shots, and fucking with her on top. Scene three has a really cute dark haired pale skinned gal with HUGE pierced nipples. Good sex action, a lot of cow girl shots.

 from In Heat And Pregnant
Studio: FilmCo


this title has the same scenes, but different order as found in "going down in labor." none of the scenes are very good, all the women look either bored or annoyed.

 from Bare-Assed & Pregnant #2
Studio: Totally Tasteless Video

Average Compilation

Looks like a typical compilation, the content is generally average. 4 Scenes, all MF, 2 interracial scenes (BF/WM). The third scene has a gal with a very hairy natural bush. One of the guys looks like the Pillbury Dough Boy.

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