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All Reviews by Derk
 from Blowjob Adventures Of Dr. Fellatio #14
Studio: Elegant Angel

Good But Not The Best

Gina Fine and Kim Chambers stand out among these women, both can Deep throat the biggest and do a fine job. Same as the other reviewer, several of the other women are poor to really bad. It is worth renting for Fine and Chambers.

 from Banzai! #1
Studio: Anarchy

Pretty Women, Lots Of Anal

decent, some of the women are talented and one is attractive. they should state "anal" for this movie since it contains mostly anal scenes with some oral. the girl on the cover shot is the attractive gal. all and all it's decent stuff, shot nicely, clear, easy to see, good lighting asian lovers above average at best.

 from Sack Lunch
Studio: Wicked

Don't Waste Your Time Or Money

Short clips of some of the worst movies. Basically all oral shots. Not even the best of the best footage. Not sure why I even rented this but can't recommend it nor would I rent it again, I'd also think twice about renting another film from the studio since this collection of their work is so bad how could any movie on its own be worth renting. AVOID at all costs

 from Pirates (Disc 1)
Studio: Digital Playground

Depends If You Want Sex Or Not?

i gave this film "average" since it failed to be a really good porn film which is what it should be about. ok so it has nice shots, make up, sets and some corny animated stuff, film scenes are softened to add to the mood but detract from seeing whats going on. with all the costumes and heavy dress its often hard to see a full body shot. the concept might have been good but its not a dvd i keep in my library. you see it once and that's enough. 3 stars for effort, money spent but lacking in good porn quality. perhaps a better film for women wanting porn, all i can say is its different.

 from Beef Eaters #2
Studio: 3rd Degree

Great Oral Series Done Well

While you might not like the skills of every girl in this DVD, the footage is quality work. One must remember that not all women suck alike. August us also one of my favorites but shes never been the best at what she does. That given I enjoy her hot looks, pretty face and decent skills. Some other very talented women also appear and should not be forgotten. By no way is this a low budget DVD, chapters are divided by start and cum shot, what more do you need. Even the credits include some comic relief. See the previous BE#1 which is also a must see. We need more producers like this making content. I enjoyed the ride.

 from Nookie Of The Year
Studio: Heatwave

Worst I've Seen So Far

This typical low budget, poorly shot, old style pron flick fails to produce. The only redeming factor is Alicia Rio, however the shots and quality are so poor you'll be disapointed. There are only about 4 scenes, each worse then the next, shot in an upscale home in the Hollywood hills. One would suspect this old footage has been re-released as newer then it really is since Alicia no longer looks the way she did. Far too many better flicks are available. Save your money.

 from Sexaholics
Studio: VCX

Great Janet Littledove Scene

I gave this a 3 star, only because it has about 4 scenes. The one with Janet shows her excellent deep throating skills and nice ass. Not sure what the other raters mean by not much Keisha, since she had one whole scene with her in it and at the end a scene with all the girls at one big orgy. It does show its age and most likely is a VHS film converted to DVD. It's not as sharp and does not have the best image as the more modern DVD's. Still if you like Janet you'll like the scene with her and Buck. Again it does not win any oscar porn awards.

 from South Of The Border
Studio: Cherry Boxxx

Hot Latinas Who Are Now Big Names

While the film work is not top notch, many of the names Mary Jane, Jeneave, Sativa Rose etc. appear in this DVD. 1 or 2 women are below average in looks but skill wise not bad. Not perfect lighting and shots but all in all worth renting

 from Tits Ahoy #3
Studio: 3rd Degree

Good Shots, Only 5 Girls, No Chapter Breaks

While this DVD contains a few hot stars and the footage is of high quality. It lacks the chapter break down of oral, doggie, cum etc. So the scenes go from start to cum where one needs to fast forward. Perhaps I'm not being fair dropping a star for having only 5 girls but it just seemed too short.

 from Face Invaders #1
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Good But Not The Best

Courtney Cumz does not add to the movie in a positive way, also the corny BJ cam shots with the added graphic lines only detract then add to this DVD. While they have several stars, Eva, Sativa, Havana and Jolie are tops and make up for the most positive girls. Several of the other women are neither attractive or skilled at oral sex, in fact they appear to not be into it. Photography is good and so are the shots. Good selection of 1 on 1 and 2 on 1 for those who desire it. Had most of the women been hot and skilled BJ queens I would have given it 4-5 stars but then again most were average aside from the Latin queens who were all great and listed above.

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