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All Reviews by Deekay
 from Spellbound
Studio: Wicked

Perfect First Adult Movie For Couples

girlfriends find a book of magic spells and try them out, concentrating, of course, on love spells. a nice mix of sex and humor with more of a plot than you usually find. nice variety in the action scenes, and the acting and sets are top-notch. both the male & female actors are attractive and different types to appeal to all tastes.

 from Bride Of Double Feature, The
Studio: Wicked

Campy Fun

how can you resist a movie that includes the line "what do you expect? it's a porno!" hilariously campy story line ties together the hot and varied action scenes that include anal, girl-on-girl, and group. it's even easy for those who want to skip the story and go directly to the action--the story is shot in black & white, the action scenes in color. bottom line: fun and hot, great for adventurous couples with a sense of humor.

 from No Holes Barred #2
Studio: Zero Tolerance


Ever wonder how many different positions you can get combining three men and one woman? This movie answers that question, but it's amazing how truly boring it gets. The two stars is for the decent looking actors, who are really rather flexible. No scary implants, no flabby men, and the women had some really nice shoes. Kind of wondered about the guy who kept his shoes on, though. Pretty mechanical, despite the positions. The actors seemed bored, or maybe that was me. Incredibly dull sets as well. This isn't a movie you'll really want to watch the whole way through, and it's not really for couples. More something to have on in the background, or to watch for a couple minutes at a time by yourself.

 from Beautiful
Studio: Wicked


Beautiful is a good couples flick, particularly for those new to the genre. It's a cute take-off on the Snow White story (no seven dwarfs, though!), and has attractive actors and decent production values. For more seasoned viewers, however, there's a lack of variety in the sex scenes, and there's not quite as much humor as I've come to expect from Wicked features.

 from Space Nuts (Disc 1)
Studio: Wicked

Fun Couples Flick

Space Nuts is a spoof of a spoof, with sex. The comedic storyline is entertaining on its own, and the sex scenes, while varied and tied to the story, are pretty vanilla, making this a good first choice for couples.

 from 5 Rooms
Studio: Wicked


this is basically the porn version of the movie four rooms: what happens in various rooms in a hotel, new year's eve, and a bellhop (a vastly amusing devinn lane) who gets peculiar requests. there's the bachelorette party, with 3 rather hard-looking women whose stripper doesn't show up, so our bellhop is asked to fill in. there's the married couple with randy spears as the workaholic spouse. i enjoy randy spears anyway, even in a non-comedy role, and his wife (played by "dee") was very attractive--unusually so. there are the two women who are looking for adventure who hire a couple of guys for the evening--they need the bellhop to bring condoms, which ends up being really funny. there are the young lovers... well, she looks young ("gauge" is really perfect for the part--she's very cute, and acted well), but he (joel lawrence) looked to be mid-30s at the youngest (i looked him up--he was 37 when the movie was made), and trying to act like an 18-year-old just didn't work. and then our bellhop is cleaning up a room after a party, and discovers a naked young woman passed out, which is the funniest running storyline through the film. she gets her into a laundry cart, and... well, okay, i'm not going to tell you the whole story. none of the vignettes alone was all that outstanding, and there was a lot of lesbian action which isn't my cuppa, but the added humor of the bellhop (who doesn't speak, by the way, until the very end) made it worth watching.

 from Date From Hell
Studio: Wicked

Fun Couples Flick

date from hell is a series of short vignettes featuring members of a date from hell support group. each segment shows the fantasy date, followed by a short, humorous scene of what "really" happened. no anal, no threesomes or group action. lots of facials. the actress in the 2nd segment has some really scary-looking implants. not the best, but enough humor and interesting positions to make it an entertaining couples flick.

 from "Take My Wife, Please!"
Studio: Wicked


A group of bored suburban housewives decide to spice up their lives by swapping husbands. Where to begin? The dialogue was wooden and improbable. The plot made no sense--one of the husbands turns down the idea then goes off and has sex with yet another woman. Another husband--a doctor (you can tell because he has a white lab coat and a stethoscope) is weirdly bumbling and clueless, etc. And the sex scenes were dull. Which is really the cardinal sin for a porn movie. Nobody seemed to be enjoying themselves, and that was a little creepy. I've looked at some other reviews of this one, and perhaps my problem is that this is from the 80s, and I just don't get it, not being familiar with the styles of porn movies then--kind of like how I react to a lot of older romance novels. Several of the reviews praised it for being cheesy. I don't see it--Space Nuts is cheesy. This was just bad. I gave it an extra half-star because there weren't any scary fake breasts, and I found that refreshing.

 from Veronica's Game
Studio: Wicked

Fairly Tame

It's about controversial author Veronica (Lauren Phoenix), whose agent (Aria) is trying to get journalist Josh Love (Randy Spears) to write an article about her book. Josh Love is a womanizing misogynist who has no intention of doing so, until his editor threatens him. Randy Spears is his usual funny self, but there's less story in this than I usually expect from Wicked Pictures. Still, there were some funny moments, and fairly real-looking actors (none of those scary, bolted-on implants). Veronica's "game" is supposed to be that she tricks him into being the subject of her next bestseller, but I didn't really see that. Lots of fairly tame sex scenes, and pretty people. Not one I'd watch again, or recommend.

 from Widow, The
Studio: Marc Dorcel

Artistic But Dull

Oksana is a young widow whose husband was killed by the mafia. She turns to the local mob boss for help, and ends up one of a group of widows forced to be sex slaves. Well, that's what it says it's about, anyway. Mostly, it's just a lot of long, not-very-inventive sex scenes with the various widows having sex with various clients. It's mostly anal sex, though we had to ask each other every once in a while if that's what was going on, because you could really only tell during the close-ups. Originally in French, I suspect the actors did their own dubbing, because they had French accents in English. There wasn't much dialogue, several of the women looked fairly similar to each other, and the men were never really introduced, so that added to my impression that the movie was just one long dull sex scene after another. Worse was that there didn't seem to be much emotion at all. Even when Oksana is introduced to her new life, she doesn't seem shocked or upset or excited or anything. The same is true of the sex scenes. Nobody seems to be really enjoying themselves. Maybe that was intentional--I don't know. It could be a French thing. I'm assuming the artistic camera angles and the unusual close-ups (one was of a pimple caused by, I assume, an ingrown pubic hair, that looked remarkably like a nipple) were French things. Also French, and why this got 2 stars instead of 1, was that there weren't any scary fake boobs, and some of the men were uncircumsized. Meh. There's better porn out there, but I can see how it would appeal to some viewers.