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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from Barely Legal #2
Studio: Hustler

Barely- Watchable

Kind of boring,mostly.The scene with the 2 pigtailed cheerleaders was really good though.Rest of disc was a snoozer.Only 4 scenes-1 was lezzy only.Probably not worth your time for the one good scene.....

 from Down The Hatch #5
Studio: Diabolic

"down" and dirty

wow.there's a whole lot of action in this one.lost count of all the loads being swallowed.there's no "perfect tens" among the girls-and a couple are quite "rough looking"-but they more than make up for it with enthusiasm.i liked the wide-eyed kristina black,she looked quite innocent but she chugged down the 'cock-chowder' like a seasoned pro.most of the 'loads' here were quite unimpressive-no peter north style shots here--but you do get lots of quantity-plus you get atm,dp,anal and straight fucking,in this one.this is not your average bj film-you get everything in one package.worth a rent.

 from Sodomania Slop Shots #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Truth In Advertising

the action is fast and furious in this compilation of money shots.lots of gang bangs,d-ps,and blow jobs-and every scene ends in a "facial"-no,not the salon,or spa,type,either.the "ball-sap" flies everywhere in this dvd-enough in fact to float a cruise ship...some footage,however was old,and kinda grainy,but i never hit the fast forward on this once,the scenes came rapid fire,like the spewing cocks in this dvd.

 from Oral Consumption #3
Studio: Anabolic


It's not easy to gross out a sick,perverted card-carrying degenerate bastard,like myself-but this one came really close.Nasty disgusting toes and asses were sucked and reamed.One fat,bald guy gets his tiny limp dick sucked.Girls were plain looking for the most part-but seeing this movie will make you blow your LUNCH,not your load.PASS on this one...

 from Handjobs #8
Studio: Wildlife

Good Job

Not bad for the genre.Girls are cute,and provide lots of dirty talk during the jerking.Most cum shots are unimpressive,though.

 from Perverted Point Of View
Studio: Diabolic

A Good One

I liked this one. Although the girls weren't really attractive. Like that rental car company, THEY TRIED HARDER. They did it all, here, oral, straight, anal, ATM.. and every scene ended with a pop into an open mouth followed by cum-swallowing.All the things we guys love. OK, so the chicks ain't perfect 10s, who cares?

 from Dirty Talkin' Blow Jobs
Studio: Elegant Angel

Too Many Cocks,Spoil The Froth...

a prime example that more is not always better.this one's called "dirty talking blowjobs",but there's not much verbalizing here.each girl is servicing 2 to 5 cocks at a time.they are frantically gulping at dicks,going from guy to feel like you're watching "lucy and ethel" working the assembly line.i would rather see one girl talking filthy,giving all her attention ,and skills to one dick at a time,the old fashioned way.

 from Screw My Wife Please #2: Collectors Edition
Studio: Wildlife

"Garbage Collector's Edition"

This sucked.It could have been great.The women were not supermodel types-most were average looking.But that is fine-in fact average works well for me.What sunk my boat here was the "Fred Mertz of Porn" guy that was in every scene.Maybe he bankrolled this thing-but he's a real 'boner killer'.He even pulled out his shriveled old cock a few times.I was tempted to throw bleach in my eyes,at that point.He needs to go back to the old folks home-and leave porn to the young guys.....

 from Edge Play
Studio: VCA

The Late,Great Marilyn

I did a search here for Marilyn Chambers,after she recently passed away.I remember seeing her on the big screen in "Insatiable" ,around 1980.I was impressed then,but she seemed to have a real short career after.This dvd has a huge star studded cast-and Marilyn shines in 3 sex scenes.Athough close to 50 yrs old at the time of filming-she looks great here,and performs like a champ-even getting gang-banged and DP-ed in the last scene.Porn veteran Veronica Hart directed,and you can definitely feel the woman's touch- lots of toys used on pussies-and NO facial cum-shots.......

 from Voyeur #6
Studio: Evil Angel

Not Worth A Look

A mish-mosh of old looking grainy footage...better off looking elsewhere if you are seeking,hot, stimulating action.Although I enjoyed John Leslie's work as an actor in the late 70s and early 80s- as a director -this dvd left me with carpal tunnel-not from jerking off-but from pressing the fast forward on the remote control.

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