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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from Rated T For Teen #4
Studio: Le'Wood Productions


Solid outing.Great chicks.Some anal.A little something for every pervert,here.I liked Alyssa West-she has fantastic eyes.(and her jugs ain't bad,either.)Mark Wood does remind me of Ron Howard (before he went bald)though....

 from Vacuum Hoes #6: Latin Edition
Studio: Crush

So-So Blow

Not great,but not awful,either.All fresh faces,no seasoned pros on this one.Only a couple of the chicks look latin,though...There were two pasty white chicks-Sarah,and Charlotte-NO WAY is there any Latin blood in either one of them

 from Deepthroat Virgins #8
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

Not The Best In This Series

I like average looking girls in porn-but there was no real deep throating in this one.A few of the chicks looked bored.I was too.

 from Goo Girls #8
Studio: Rodney Moore

Goo-D Disc

A good solid dvd.Rodney likes to give a little storyline in his dvds.This one has 5 vignettes (see us perverts -ARE literate).Couple of the scenes feature more than one girl.Nothing really outstanding here,but all the chick here are pretty good and they all get a big,messy 'slop shot' to the kisser.

 from Face Blasters #2
Studio: Elegant Angel

Truth In Advertising

i liked this one a lot-here's why...first-all fresh faces,always like to watch new talent.secondly,the scenes move along at a good pace-not dragged out-or too fast.ever seen one of those other blowjob movies-the girl sucks,sucks,sucks-15 min.later-the guy squeezes out an eyedropper full of cum,on her face..not in this one-each chick gets blasted-some by 2 cocks-and gets their faces glazed in "nut syrup"..and to their credit (professionalism) they bravely take it all unflinchingly-sometimes even in the eye...this disc is worth a look-but wear eye protection

 from Oral Antics #1
Studio: Loaded Digital

Too Much Drool...........

A real disappointment,since they DO have some hot chicks in this.Unfortunately this disc self-destructs,due to OVER-DROOLING,by the girls.I understand that some saliva is neccesary,in a blowjob-but these chicks looked like glazed doughnuts-from their own drool!Picture a St.Bernard dog eating mayonnaise-you get the idea.One guy looked like a 'high schooler',and another guy couldnt get hard-the chick looked like she was blowing a piece of rope..Pass on this one---unless you LIKE lots of spit........

 from Vacuum Hoes #7: Amateur Edition
Studio: Crush

Worth A Look

Pretty good-better that your average BJ film.Couple of the chicks were SO-SO,but there's 2 double team scenes (2 chicks gobbling the same tube-steak).Also I liked Aaliyah-a cute,chatty black chick..a good installment in the series

 from Ma' Fuckers
Studio: Wildlife

Ok-Just Ok

Not bad,or good,either.Nothing special here-although there WAS a few great splooge shots.Back in the mail,after one run-through,and used the fast forward button a lot.Eager to get the next one from my rental line-up-will most likely be better than this.

 from Just Facials
Studio: Fusxion

Just Awful

First off- the title is misleading.You'd think this was a BJ movie.It's a mish-mosh mess of clips from old porno flicks.True,there are facials here-but a lot of ugly people fucking too.Lots of anal,DPs and condoms too.You'd have to stick your pecker in the freezer to get a stiffy watching this one.Thumbs down !

 from Honey, We Blew Up Your Pussy #6
Studio: Kick Ass

Cute Young Girls,Old Creepy Guys

This was going to be pretty good I thought.Scene 1 was good,with Marquetta Jewel.But it went downhill from there.Next up was a young tattoed guy,with more hardware on his body than a Home Depot.Then we got 3 geezers in a row...yecchhh.The 'pussy pump' novelty really brings nothing to this movie.It was used very sparingly-looked kind of painful,appeared to bruise one of the girls crotch.This was a waste of some hot babes.Pass on this........

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