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All Reviews by Deegenerate
 from Mouth 2 Mouth #3
Studio: Diabolic

Open Wide....

awesome.8 scenes in this one.some scenes are just a bj,others have fucking,anal,atm.the girls are all hot,and seeing them each each other and the cock is a real treat.courtney simpson scene was my fave-but i enjoyed just about all the girls.behind the scenes segment was funny also.worth a rent-but my only complaint was that the girls had to "swap the cum" 3 times or was kind of disgusting at that point-more spit than cum was passed.for me? guy pops in one chicks mouth-she shares some-they swallow.the end.

 from Scale Bustin Babes #19
Studio: Rodney Moore

Decent-Worth A Look...

Pretty good DVD.Have seen a few in this series-this is a good one.Enjoyed Jazz,especially-she is some SWEET MUSIC,for sure...The preggo scene was way too long,though..should have just gotten a BJ from MAMA,and boned another one of the chicks,instead-but this was enjoyable..worth a look

 from Teen Patrol #3
Studio: Metro

School Girls-In Dog Collars?????????

Loved the 'school girl' look-all the chicks wore those little plaid skirts/white shirts/socks...hey I went to CATHOLIC SCHOOL-so my first boner was inspired by similar outfits (though NONE of the girls in my school LOOKED LIKE THESE GIRLS) Anyhoo...the girls are all excellent and they take the baloney in every orifice,but this DVD is HEAVY on the anal stuff,though.A couple of the guys even come into the gaping assholes,then dig the stuff out-with their fingers and feed it to the girls-who as dedicated professionals -EAT IT.Not really sure what THE DOG COLLAR stuff was all about-not into any of that stuff,myself-but this DVD was enjoyable-once the sluts were let OFF LEASH...............

 from Blow Me Sandwich #7
Studio: Zero Tolerance

Blow Me Down....

Very good dvd,in the oral genre.Girls are awesome.Seen a few of the BLOW ME SANDWICH dvds-this is the best one I've seen yet

 from Mature Brotha Lovers #1
Studio: Exquisite

Good Old Ho's

pretty decent disc.only one lady in the bunch (jillian) really looked-err- mature.her face had more wrinkles than a sheet in a 'no-tell motel".the rest looked like really attractive late 30s ho's.worth a look.

 from Horny Over 40 #32
Studio: Homegrown SELECT

creepy old guy licks his own "frosting"

this dvd is not all bad.just the first 2 scenes.# 1 features two creepy old dudes-imagine leslie nielsen and billy bob thornton fucking..."billy" had the weirdest cock i've ever seen-it is bent like an inverted number 7.."leslie" licked up his own splooge in this scene,and we see him again in scene #2-and guess what-he does it again!this really,really grossed me out-and that ain't easy.but scene 3,featured a gorgeous brunette,in a good performance.i loved the chunky redhead in scene 4,a real trooper,she took a mega-blast of cum to the kisser,and rubbed it in all over her face-a natural moisturizer..lastly nikki santana was also pretty,i give this one-a thumbs in the middle rating.skip the first 2 scenes,and enjoy the rest.

 from POV Pervert #6
Studio: Jules Jordan Video

will "blow" you away

this is really,really good one.the girls here all have the unique combination of "girl next door" appeal,and dirty, filthy ,cocksucking whore.the do it all,here-'no holes barred',so to speak...and the pov camera angles put you in the "driver's seat" favorite? the chick called reese,a young huge breated brunette..her unique blend of innocence,and nastiness really turned me on..the front of my pants looked like a monkey trying to punch his way out of a paper bag,,,rent this one-you'll be glad you did.

 from Face Blasters #1
Studio: Elegant Angel

Blasts? Pop !

not a bad outing.the girls are all excellent.i liked the way the chicks asked for the cum facial,while the guy was jerkin his gherkin in her face.some decent pop shots in here,but not a wall-to-wall "blasting" as the title implies.worth a look-and check out the bonus scene in the "extras".it's pretty good

 from Blowjob Adventures Of Dr. Fellatio #41
Studio: Elegant Angel

The Doctor Is In....

All BJs,,,and lots of them.I think about 14,or 15,and a couple feature 2 girls on one dick.(I LIKE those odds)Good mix of talent here too.Young fresh faced girls,and well seasoned cocksucking whores.Basically the plot is the same,in each scene.Girl sucks and jerks on dick-guy shoots his splooge in girl's face.But the sheer volume,and variety of the cocksuckers make this worth a look

 from Trailer Trash Moms
Studio: Heatwave

So- So............

You get 3 gals here.4 scenes- each girl takes on 3 guys and gets D.P.'ed-and in one scene all 3 girls get together and play with each other.Not bad,but not great either.But I always enjoy watching Dana and Jillian.They are a little 'hard on the eyes',but show great skill and enthusiasm in their chosen profession.A couple cum shots really looked fake,though.

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